Zoë Foster Blake: Everything I'm Gifting, Watching, and Doing This Christmas

Zoë Foster Blake: Everything I'm Gifting, Watching, and Doing This Christmas

Wondering how Go-To founder/overlord/Secret Santa, Zoë, gears up for party season? Good. You've come to the right blog post. We bribed Zo with candy canes to spill all her best - and most festive-y - tips on gifting, hosting, and watching.

On Hosting Holiday Parties:

"First, music and candles so YOU are relaxed, well before the guests arrive. Get dressed and fully ready before getting onto food, cos you can do food with guests around, but you can’t do your bronzer with them there."

"Serve something safe, tried and tested. (For me it’s two giant platters of pasta, great bread and butter and two excellent salads.) Do not attempt an exciting new dish before hosting. A lovely big ice bucket of sparkling water, wine, champagne, Campari, soda water, and beer, a fun tablecloth, cute plates and small vases of flowers and you’re done."

On Nailing Christmas Gifts:

A 4WD rooftop tent thingy

Car Tent

"So my husband and my son can fulfil a very new but apparently critical desire to “camp on top of the car."

A regional trip


"For mum and dad to slurp their way around some delicious wineries."

A variety of Go-To and Bro-To holiday sets

Go-To Christmas Range

"For my kid’s wonderful teachers, my hairdresser, my brow wizard, my extended family, my immediate family… I know they know I get it for free; I also know they don’t care."

Shop it here.

Massage vouchers

Image: The Parlour Room

Image: @theparlourclovelly

"At a spa they would never ordinarily go to, somewhere special."


Reliquia Candles

"I have two candles I love to gift: they are gender neutral, woodsy, subtle and a bit exoticy-sexy: the Aeyre Sintra candle (Reliquia) and Bastide Au Coin du Feu (Mecca). How unique and exciting for homes and noses!"

Shop Reliquia Aeyre Sintra here and Bastide Au Coin du Feu here.

On Her Favourite Festive Film:

"It's not a movie but in our house we watch A Very Kacey Christmas on repeat leading up to Christmas. Watch it! So fun!"