Get Organised And Win The Holidays With Beck Wadworth

Lilith Hardie Lupica
Less than 3 minutes / November 17, 2021
Beck Wadworth of An Organised Life

For many the words Christmas and organised feel as irreconcilable as Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal. And of course, when I say ‘many’ I mostly mean me, though I’m sure I’m not alone and it’s for this very reason I turned to Beck Wadworth, a woman who’s made organisation an art form.

Founder of Australian-based stationery company An Organised Life, Beck is arguably one of the most organised women in the Southern Hemisphere, no small feat but one that surely makes her a Holiday Season Maestro.

“I started the business with the goal to help organise busy lives through functional yet beautiful stationery product,” Beck tells us. A simple and effective notion that turned diaries, calendars and notebooks into a blossoming business.

“I absolutely love Christmas and I'm one of those people who always put up my Christmas tree early,” says Beck. “I pop on my favourite Christmas carols, have a glass of champagne and decorate the night away. In terms of organisation, I write my Christmas list early and break up the spending over eight weeks rather than doing it all at once!”

Beck’s genius organisational tips come with a side of decorating too, prompting us to DIY table settings in the name of savings and creativity:

“I love decorating the table on Christmas day! I usually get some sort of foliage and make a centrepiece with my favourite candle sticks,” Beck elaborates. “Last year I used a mix of traditional holly and then eucalyptus. I also love adding a touch to each plate too as a decorative element.”

As for the act of gift giving, Beck’s list includes practical, frivolous and wildly adorable presents to consider for your nearest and dearest/yourself—like all good lists should.

Beck’s Giftmas Guide:

An Organised Life 2022 A4 Weekly Diary, $75.

“My mum asks for this every single year! I actually designed this style specifically for my mum and it ended up becoming our best seller.”

An Organised Life 2022 A4 Weekly Diary, $75.

Transformazing Extra!, $80

“For my sister-in-law, Paige, who is a new mum and deserves some pampering.”

Go-To Transformazing Extra!, $80

Maison Balzac Martini Glass, $59.

“For the AOL Team!”

Maison Balzac Martini Glass, $59.

Rylan Ribbed Huggies, $159.

“For myself as a Christmas treat!!! Why not?!”

Rylan Ribbed Huggies, $159.

Bibita Bottle Rack, $294.

“For my boyfriend Isaac, he gave me one for my birthday and we got one together when we moved into our new home, a third one to layer is the perfect Christmas present for him.”

Bibita Bottle Rack, $294.

Last but not least, Beck’s festive season film of choice?

Love Actually! It's such a feel good movie and never gets old year after year—Hugh Grant dancing is my favourite.”

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