Product Subscriptions

Set & Forget

Subscribe to your Go-To favourites and save yourself placing the same order again and again. Or worse, going to cleanse and getting only a fraction of mousse.

Choose a delivery timeline that suits your skin, and we’ll automate the rest. (Complete with a free Go-To gift, every time.)

How It Works:

Products On Repeat

Set up a handy subscription for these skin saviours. 


You can! Modify or cancel your subscription at any time. Just login to your account here to update your details. Any issues - send us an email at or jump on live chat and our customer service team can give you a hand.

Absolutely. The products, frequency, payment method, shipping details, can all be edited within your account right here. Having trouble? Shoot our customer service team a quick message via the live chat, or email

Nope. Never. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Just jump back in your account here to update your subscription plan.

Upon subscribing you’ll enter your credit card details, and payment will be automatically deducted the day of each recurring delivery being processed and packed. Nice.

You betcha. All subscription orders automatically qualify for free shipping within Australia. 

For international orders (howdy!) standard shipping is free only after you’ve spent a certain amount. 

These thresholds vary, have a closer look here.

Firstly, excellent question. Secondly, you have to make sure you click ‘add to cart’ for the free gift on your very first subscription order. (A little window pops up, you’ll see!) If you don’t do this we’ll assume you aren’t a fan of free/fun things and we’ll take it out of the rest of your recurring orders.

If you set up a subscription for our two refill-friendly products, Properly Clean and Very Lightweight Moisturiser, every recurring order will be a refill pouch or pod only. (We’re going to assume you already have a Properly Clean bottle or Very Lightweight Moisturiser tub.)

Should your Properly Clean pump deteriorate, you break or lose your Very Lightweight Moisturiser tub, then it’s time to invest in ‘the whole product’ again. You can do this by logging into your subscription account here <link> and requesting your very next order be a bottle or tub. Otherwise reach out to our customer service team at and they can sort this for you.

Opt to receive a regular supply of your Go-To favourites by checking the ‘Subscribe’ box before adding to cart. Products will automatically be delivered every 60, 90, 120 days at the election of the customer (that’s you! Choose wisely!). Each payment is automatically billed to the customer’s credit card prior to the delivery of relevant products. Subscriptions can be modified or cancelled at any time; no minimum participation period. Subscribe and you will receive a free peach scrunchie with your first order, after clicking ‘add to cart’ when prompted. Little gifts from Go-To are included in every subscription-based order to follow; limited to one (1) free gift per order.