Should I Use Body Oil, Body Lotion, Or Both?

Should I Use Body Oil, Body Lotion, Or Both?

Body oil, body lotion, let’s label them sisters (not twins). Their character traits are quite similar, working together when they need to, but definitely going about life on different paths. 

We polled Go-To HQ and they were very staunch about sitting in either camp oil or camp lotion, so, let us break it down a lil’ further and figure out which product will work best for your body and why. 

What’s the difference? 

Body oils, as per the name, do not contain any water in their formula, meaning they take a touch longer to absorb. An optimal choice for dry skin haver-ers as they lock in moisture on the skin’s outermost layer. Aesthetically speaking, oils also produce that glowy finish for year-round radiance, even outside the summer months. Woah

Body lotions are typically a hybrid of oil and water, and because water has a fast absorption rate, lotions are able to hydrate the surface and penetrate layers of skin below, at a much quicker rate. As a product, they’re also more adaptable to soothing specific skin concerns ie. those who are eczema-prone would turn to a specific itch relief lotion. 

Benefits of a body oil. 

  • Oils regulate sebum production: often touted for their absorbent properties because many vegetable-based oils (think, avocado, jojoba, almond) mimic the natural lipids found in our skin. By boasting such a similar structure oils can help to repair and regulate your skin’s moisture barrier - the part responsible for oil production. 
  • Oils tend to be cleaner: most oils on the market contain less questionable ingredients (think, synthetics, additives, preservatives), because they don’t need them! There’s simply no chance bacteria are going to grow in a product without water. 

Benefits of a body lotion. 

  • Long-term hydration helpers: lotions are more likely to contain active ingredients (think, hyaluronic acid, ceramides) which help to gradually enhance the skin’s water retaining abilities with consistent and extended use. 
  • Work with your tan: stans of the at-home self tan will know hydrated skin means your tan will have a much longer lifespan. As long as you don’t lather on the lotion until you’ve let the tan develop! Oils include much richer ingredients with the ability to dull your tan quicker than you’d prefer. 

Being the skincare saviours we are, our recommendation, should you choose to accept, is incorporating both a body oil and body lotion into your routine. Combat dry skin and dehydrated skin! Double down on the dewiness! Thank us later! 

Seeing as lotions contain water, this one you can reserve as your ‘whenever’ moisturiser, but oils remain the go-to for post-shower and pre-party sheen. 

Oh, and don’t forget the golden rule if you choose to layer your lather. Thinnest to thickest. Lotion then oil. Et voilà! Smooth and supple skin.