All Your De-Crease Questions Answered

All Your De-Crease Questions Answered

Time to debunk some of the what’s, why’s, and how’s we’ve been getting about our stellar new eye serum: De-Crease. It’s tricky! Adding new products to your routine. Especially actives. 

And seeing as this is our first foray into vitamin a, we figured you deserve to really get to know the product like we do. For example. De-Crease likes: all skin types. De-Crease dislikes: wilted spinach. 

Why retinal not retinol? 

We chose retinal because it’s proven to be better, faster and less irritating than retinol, and the gold standard in cell turnover and collagen production. 

Retinal and retinol need to be converted to retinoic acid (which happens naturally once applied to the skin), in order to get to work on the skin-brightening, collagen-boosting, acne-reducing. But retinol is two steps away from converting to retinoic acid while retinal is just one step. A direct precursor. Hence: better, faster, less irritating. 

Can I use De-Crease if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Unfortunately, vitamin a and its derivatives (like those found in De-Crease) are off-limits to anyone who is expecting or breastfeeding (congrats by the way!). 

Too much, or continued use of, this ingredient can harm your unborn bub while they try to grow and develop and kick your bladder. 

Can I use De-Crease if I have sensitive skin?

De-Crease has been dermatologically tested to be suitable for sensitive skin. But! We always recommend chatting with your skin specialist and patch testing before use.

Otherwise start slow. Use your retinoid of choice alone - no other actives - for the first week to see how your skin responds to this ingredient. Build your way up from twice-weekly use to more frequent application as your tolerance for vitamin a grows too.

What’s this whole sandwich method thing-o?

You take two slices of ciabatta, grab your pesto, provolone…

We’re kidding! It’s a super helpful skincare hack of course. Let me explain. If you have particularly dry or sensitive skin, or consider yourself a retinoid newbie, applying vitamin a between two layers of moisturiser (moisturiser, vitamin a, moisturiser again!)  is going to help prevent potential skin irritation. That first layer of moisturiser acts as a cool buffer between retinoids and your skin which would otherwise come in direct contact, and potentially cause some discomfort with first use. 

How do I actually apply the serum?

Your face actually has a built in guide for easy application - the orbital bone. It’s that circular, cup-y bone structure you can feel tracing the under eye, outer edge, and just below the brow. Gently pat your products (don’t rub! If you’re too overzealous with application this can aggravate the skin and potentially cause broken blood vessels) along this ridge to hit all the key ageing areas, and steer clear of the eye itself. 

What if I already use a vitamin a?

We recommend sticking to one retinoid per routine and per section of your face. 

De-Crease is formulated specifically for, and to be gentle with, the eye area. So only apply your serum there. And if you are regularly using another vitamin a for the rest of your face, ensure these two products don’t overlap once applied. Too spicy. You can always alternate between the two in your nighttime routine to avoid further irritation. 

How does vitamin a work with my other actives?

Vitamin a loves some actives (think: Niacinamide! Hyaluronic acid!) but should be kept far away from others (AHAs! BHAs! PHAs! Vitamin c!). This all depends on the potency of each ingredient, and whether they are more or less effective once layered - this can actually mess with the efficacy of some products and stop them from working their absolute best. 

Can I use De-Crease in the AM?

Nope! Put it down! Vitamin a should always be reserved for the PM, as it can cause increased sensitivity to the sun. (So wear your SPF. Every day. Please.) Zoë shares her current evening routine featuring De-Crease right here. Take a look! 

Can I use De-Crease on other sections of my face?

We think you’re referring to smile lines, frown lines, lip creases, yeah? Well the answer is (a polite) no. 

The skin under and around our eyes is many, many layers thinner than the rest of the face. And De-Crease has been formulated specifically to treat this sensitive area. 

The most effective way to see results is using products designed for that portion of skin. Eye for eyes. Face for face. Using De-Crease elsewhere sounds expensive too. Savour that serum!

De-Crease Face Go-To Skincare
15ML / 0.5 FL OZ


Retinal Eye Serum

Better and faster than retinol. A retinal eye serum clinically proven to counteract signs of ageing. Niacinamide, peptides, honey locust extract improve skin hydration, firmness, and texture to help lift the eye area.