Go-To HQ Tackle The 30-Day Skin Re-Boot Camp, Here’s How It Went

Go-To HQ Tackle The 30-Day Skin Re-Boot Camp, Here’s How It Went

Every day is a phenomenal day to set Good Skin Habits. So much so, that we quadruple dared our customers to participate in a 30-Day Skin Re-Boot Camp (you can still sign up today! Never too late to join our Skin Gym!) throughout February and March. 

And seeing as we lead by example. Go-To HQ did 3,729 goblet squats and got in on the fun too. Here are some daily musings from our Customer Service Specialists: Alex, Falisha, and Lauren. 

The Goals

“My goal for the next month is to cleanse my face before bed (and then pop on a little something nourishing like Face Hero and/or Very Luxe Face Cream). I’m a morning cleanser/shower-er person, and by bedtime I’ve usually forgotten all my good skin intentions.” Alex

“My goal for our 30 day skin challenge is to double cleanse in the PM, daily, even though ‘I'm just wearing SPF’. Truth is, even if you are just wearing SPF for the day, cleansing once won’t cut it! You need to double up (oil-based cleanser, followed by water-based cleanser) to get rid of all that residue.” Falisha  

“My goal for the next 30 days is to level-up my skincare game (and hopefully slay in the process). I’m pretty lazy with my routine, I typically double cleanse to remove my makeup and SPF, then follow with a moisturiser. So, my goal is to incorporate a vitamin c serum in the AM, and a hyaluronic acid in the PM to help target hyperpigmentation and fine lines. Here goes!” Lauren

The Highs

“My face always feels and looks so much better the morning after I’ve stuck to the previous night’s PM routine: Must use this as motivation.Alex

“Certainly noticing that my skin is starting to look much less thirsty, and those pesky little dehydration lines are less obvious too.” Lauren

The Lows

“Stumbled to bed far too late tonight and forgot to cleanse my face. Oops. Rome wasn’t built in a day, y’know? Face habits weren’t changed in a week…” Alex

“Making sure I keep up with my gal Much Brighter Skin, too. My face is looking a little dull - I’ve been focusing so much on cleansing, and not so much on radiance boosting!” Falisha

The Breakthroughs

“Fine, I’ll admit it is a lovely feeling going to bed with a cleansed face, along with a sense of accomplishment for taking the time to look after my skin.” Alex 

“Woke up to a lovely friend today, (and by friend- I mean GIANT hormonal breakout). But, like the soldier I am, I kept on with my routine despite wanting to pick and squeeze.” Lauren

The Finish Line

“Phew, made it! Definitely had a few nights where I didn’t cleanse before bed, but I always felt better when I did, and my skin rewarded me with serious glow in the morning. I also found that stacking this habit with something I was already doing before bed (brushing my teeth) meant that I remembered, and was already at the bathroom sink.” Alex 

“30 days done, smashed it! (Who am I? Someone kicking goals, is who.) I had my hiccups here and there but being a part of the Skin Re-Boot Camp helped me regain motivation. My skin has looked and felt so nourished and hydrated these past 30 days. Love that for me!” Falisha

“We did it! I’m certainly seeing and feeling the results of a simple, consistent skincare routine. I wasn’t always 100% on top of it, but even so - my skin feels less rough and dehydrated, and looks smoother and more supple. I’ve never been more motivated to keep going and make this habit stick, even on the nights where I’d rather just roll into bed, and the mornings where I would do anything (and I mean anything) to get a few more minutes of shut-eye. Here’s to glowy skin!” Lauren

Want to join the challenge.? ‘Course you do! Sign up here!