The Skintroduction

Discovery Set


Our Bestselling Bundle For Skincare Beginners

Our Bestselling Bundle For Skincare Beginners

A useful set of three little face treats for happy, hydrated skin. Expertly curated for anyone new to Go-To (welcome!), this powerful trio of skin essentials is the perfect skintroduction to our peachy products.

Featuring teeny adorable versions of Go-To’s bestsellers:

  • Our gentle cleansing mousse, Properly Clean (30mL)
  • Our ultra nourishing face oil, Face Hero (10mL)
  • Our antioxidant-loaded moisturiser, Very Useful Face Cream (20mL)

The Skintroduction is ideal for skincare beginners, the Go-To-curious, or anyone who just wants healthy, calm skin. Think of it like a first date for your face!


Dry Skin

Dry Skin

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Teen Skin

Teen Skin


Made In Australia

Made In Australia


Pregnancy Safe

Made In Australia

Sulfate & Paraben Free

The Skincare Starter Guide

A guide made especially for all kinds of skincare rookies. Welcome! Here’s a few (easy, I promise) rules to help you seamlessly incorporate your new skin mates into your life.

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Your AM or PM Routine!

Cleanse your face with Properly Clean and rinse. 

Take three to five drops of Face Hero and massage gently into the face, neck and chest.

Finish with a pea-sized (wasabi, specifically) amount of Very Useful Face Cream.

Your Evening Routine.

Australia's go-to for skincare.

We'll get you that "whoa, nice skin!" effect.


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