When Do I Need To Start Thinking About Eyecare?

When Do I Need To Start Thinking About Eyecare?

I have patients, daily, who come to me and say they want to work on their eye area. It’s a very popular concern. Even for men. But I make a point of telling my patients we can improve this area, but they need to set some realistic expectations. To have fine lines around the eyes is to have lived a full and happy life. You’ve smiled! Laughed! That’s so much more important than glass skin. 

Back to that point of ‘improvement’. What I can help with is enhancing the look (smoother) and feel (brighter). Which is enough for most patients. I’ve had some very happy clients who after only two weeks introducing an eye product into their routine, feel more comfortable with how this area looks.

All this is to say you are not alone. Everyone thinks about their eyes and eyecare. So here’s what you need to know.  

What age should I start to think about eyecare? 

Any age is a good age to start thinking about eyecare. A lot of us tend to forget about this area, lumping it in with the rest of your face, but the sooner you start laying the groundwork, the better your eyes will look in decades to come. 

It’s important to start thinking about eyecare from at least your mid 20s so you can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles before they take up a more permanent residence!  

I can already see fine lines, have I left it too late?

It’s never too late to start using an eye product. Same with any type of skincare. As long as the ingredients are suitable for your specific concerns. Like anything, results take time (at least 3 months) before you start to see a difference in appearance. But within the first week you may start to feel a difference. 

Bearing in mind that miracles don’t happen overnight, especially if you already have visible fine lines, you can consider skin treatments (laser, chemical peels) in conjunction with skincare to give your eye area the best possible chance at plumping and firming. 

Does the eye area age more rapidly than the rest of your face? Why?

This is true! Not only is our eye area the most engaging part of our face, it is one of the most expressive parts. There are constant muscle contractions. We touch and rub and tug at this area a lot too. I like to think of the eye area as the heart of the skin - we have multiple lymphatic systems around our eye area that help process toxins, fluids, and flush out anything unwanted. It is where a lot of lymphatic blood flow circulates. 

Certain genetics will play a part in this process of ageing around the eyes as well. For instance, those with Indian, African, American, Latino background are more prone to developing dark circles and fat padding around the eyes. People with Asian, Celtic, English, Irish, Eastern European background are more prone to thinning under the eyes, a hollowed effect, and finer lines. This is why it's important to always make sure that you are using the right active ingredients for your skin.