Two Customers (New And Loyal) On How Go-To Has Helped Their Skin

Two Customers (New And Loyal) On How Go-To Has Helped Their Skin

Skincare is such a personal journey. One we refine time and time again, with thanks to entering new life stages (like, pregnancy) or undergoing lifestyle changes (say, budgeting). 

When you find a product or brand you love, and it seems to be working wonders on your skin, it is only natural to want to boast about that brand new glow. 

We cherry-picked a new customer, Maddy Howie, and a lifelong stan, Tegan Mortimer, from the thriving Go-To Gang. And here is what they had to say about peach products really nourishing their skin over the course of weeks and years. 

Tegan Mortimer: in a doting nine year relationship with Go-To. 

Tell us, how did you find Go-To?

Back in 2014, my bestie asked me what I thought of Zoë’s new skincare line. I had (somehow?!) completely missed the April launch so I promptly ordered my very first Properly Clean, Very Useful Face Cream and Lips. No I didn’t remember this, my extensive online order history proved a fun trip down memory lane just now.

You’ve been with us since inception (woah), how has your skin changed since?

I’ve consistently used Go-To for nine years now; I don’t think that’s an easy feat in a saturated skincare market. Go-To has helped my skin through some significant life changes from moving interstate (a dry and cool climate to hot and humid one), ageing (farewell 20s and hello mid-30s!), and pregnancy and postpartum (my sweet baby Ruby being the best Christmas gift of 2022).

Was Go-To able to help you overcome any particular skincare concerns?

Go-To kept my hormonal skin in balance during my 20s, introducing me to products and ingredients that I didn’t realise I needed (and now love!). It kept my dry, ageing skin fresh and hydrated through several Canberra winters and soothed my bitchy pregnancy skin woes. See, it’s real love!

Do you have a favourite product (hard one, we know!)? 

Yikes! It’s a tie - I couldn’t have one without the other. My deserted island Go-To must-haves would be Properly Clean and Very Useful Face Cream. PC is the ONLY product that gently cleanses and removes my makeup and sunscreen at the end of each day. And VUFC is perfect for nourishing my dry, thirsty skin both morning and night.

What is it about our formulas that keeps you coming back for more?

Australian, cruelty free, gentle skincare – what’s not to love? Natural and delicious smelling ingredients aside, I respect a brand that has a uniquely honest and fun philosophy, that is, to make simple and effective skincare whilst appreciating and educating the customer (let’s be honest, none of us really knew what CoQ10 was). The surprise gifts for my loyalty over the years hasn’t gone unnoticed either. 

When recommending Go-To to friends and family, because of course you do, what is it you tell them about the brand?

There’s no need to tell them, they already know and trust Zoë (who doesn’t?) and the products (and my skin) speak for themselves. 

Any other comments, product requests, existential musings?

Just a moment to share my gratitude for Go-To’s significant contribution to my beauty routine. My understanding, appreciation and application of skincare products has grown alongside the brand and I look forward to tackling another life stage (I see you there, fancy 40s!) with happy, healthy skin.

Maddy Howie: casually dating Go-To for five months now. 

We hear you’re quite new to Go-To!? How did you find us? 

Being a big fan of Zoë Foster Blake I have been keen to try Go-To since they first came out, however, living in a regional town I never had access to try the products before purchasing. I joined Your Go-To Gang, Go-To’s Facebook Group, to get a feel for the products before a trip I had booked to the city, and promptly went into Mecca to try them. It was love at first try, the second the products went on my skin!

What was it that brought you to us? 

My lifestyle has changed significantly over the past three year. Becoming a stay-at-home mum has changed my income dramatically which meant I couldn’t continue to indulge in products that were $100 each. I’m so glad I’ve found a skincare product range that is within my budget but I don’t have to compromise on quality. 

Give us a virtual haul, what was it you first ordered? 

My first order was Face Hero (of course), Much Brighter Skin and Very Lightweight Moisturiser. 

How is your skin adapting to the range? Look and feel!

My skin is absolutely loving the products. It feels plump, dewy and silky smooth, especially after applying Face Hero. I recently reduced the amount of oil I was applying thanks to the advice from Your Go-To Gang. I'm applying about half of what I was originally using and it still yields the same result - amazing! 

Have you received many comments or compliments on this new routine? Spill!

I treated myself to a facial two months into using the products and my beauty therapist looked at my skin through the UV machine and remarked at how beautifully hydrated it was. My friends are also asking about my products and dying to try Go-To themselves!

Are there any other Go-To products you’re keen to introduce to your routine?

The mist! I reached out to the Facebook group (again) for advice on getting more out of my products, as I was just loving them so much that I was going through them far too quickly. I was flooded with replies to introduce the mist into my routine before the other products to make them go further. I had a mist from another brand in my cupboard that I had never used before and it’s already made such a difference to the way I use the products, so I can't wait to try the Prep Step! 

Any other comments, product requests, existential musings?

I've been using the products since I was 30 weeks pregnant and I'm now eight weeks postpartum, and the products have seen me through all the hormonal changes to my skin. As a mum I love the simplicity of the routine as I can do it quickly, but the beautiful products look and feel amazing - a little something just for me at the start and end of each day.