The Very Best Of Go-To

The Very Best Of Go-To

Five glorious years ago your favourite skin care brand in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE was born. Us! We were! We reckon that’s well worth a celebration.

So! In honour of Go-To’s 5th Birthday, (and in line with our well-documented lack of humility), we decided to celebrate 263 of our Very Best Moments. JK JK that would be far too arrogant.

We’ll just do five instead.

Then a hero came along

Go-To launched with a tight edit of five essential products. But it wasn’t long before another joined the gang in 2014. That product was Face Hero. A potent, powerful blend of 10 plant and nut oils. It protects, nourishes, revitalises and soothes all skin types. And it became a mega-favourite, real fast.

Five years on and you lot still can’t get enough of Face Hero; it’s got about a billion five-star reviews and is the jewel in the Go-To crown. Onya, Face Hero.

Team Go-To grows! (And grows and grows.)

Go-To launched in 2014 with a small team of five working from a garage. We’ve grown up big time since then. Go-To now has over 30 (magnificent) employees and warehouses in Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Fun fact: We’re just about to move into a shiny, new office space! (Complete with lab and fancy peach lab coats.) (Oooobviously.)

Oh hey, pinky-nudey lips!

In 2016 we released a sassy, tinted sister for our superbalm, Lips! Featuring a universal pinky-nudey tint and a good whack of sun protection.

You cheeky balm monsters went nuts for it. Seriously. Nuts. At the time, it was the busiest week Go-To had ever seen and the brand new Pinky Nudey Lips! sold out pretty much immediately.

A Zincredibly exciting launch

We launched Zincredible in October 2018. Finally. A daily moisturiser with SPF so lovely and lightweight that even SPF haters will love it and use it and wear it everyday.

The launch was big, exciting and quite frankly, completely ludicrous. We had over 40,000 people visit the site in the first 24 hours. We sold 33 pumps per minute in the first hour. And, uh, we accidentally broke the internet. (Sorry not sorry.)

The Go-To peach truck

To celebrate the long-awaited (by us) launch of our Zincredible, we went big with some very overt bribery. There was one glorious, peach truck! There were eight stops across three spectacular cities! And boy, there were more coffee, dogs and cuteheads than we can count. In short: It was the best.

Thank you for supporting us and for being such a crucial part of the last five years. We’re constantly floored by your fierce, ongoing, enthusiastic support that allows us to keep growing and making Good Stuff.

Here’s to YOU!