The Ultimate Cleansing Routine

The Ultimate Cleansing Routine

Proper cleansing is important. Super important. It’s the first step! You’ve gotta nail it! Otherwise all the other skin care stuff you’re doing won’t get the chance to really work.

Annoyingly, it’s actually quite easy to mess up and leave your skin feeling stripped, sad and needing help.


Cleanse your skin right with these three un-stuff-up-able tips.

Woman washing her face

Always face away from the water while you shower

The skin on your face and décolletage is super delicate. And all that pressure from your shower can burst little blood vessels leaving you with visible, broken capillaries on your face/chest.

So! Face away from the water instead, and try gently splashing water onto your face instead.

Lukewarm water forever; scorchy never

Scorchy showers might feel all lovely and relaxing and whatever, but are they messing with your skin? Yes!

Those hot little water droplets can dry out your skin and strip it of its natural oils. Ick. Bad. It can also increase sensitivity and leave your face all red and irritated. In short: Switch to lukewarm water immediately, if not sooner.

Cleanse for 60 seconds

Gently massaging your cleanser into your skin for 60 seconds is going to do a much better job at getting rid of all that makeup, SPF, grime and gross stuff than if you just slap it on and wash it right off.

And THAT is going to help all your other skin care products penetrate deeper and work harder. Also: It feels nice. Win-bloody-win.

What are you still doing here? Try them now! Thank us later!

(Or now! Your call!)