Spring Skincare Swaps To Prep And Prime For Summer

Spring Skincare Swaps To Prep And Prime For Summer

With winter finally behind you, there’s no better time to refresh your skincare routine and give your complexion some much needed breathing room. Spring is the ideal time to cultivate good habits, ones that ensure you’re protecting and maintaining good skin health while transitioning your routine and preparing that adorable face for the warm days and balmy nights ahead.

Why your skincare routine should change in spring

After months of chaotic weather, heavy textures, and inevitable product build-up, post-winter skin can be in desperate need of a reset. A routine overhaul not only gives skin a chance to breathe again but also prepares it for the onslaught of summer fun you’re already planning. Spring also presents a good time to reassess your product usage, throw out expired products and test new additions to the rotation.

Product and ingredients to reach for in spring

Just as you switch in lush, heavy-duty creams and hydrators to combat the inevitable winter chill, spring calls for lighter, easy-to-layer products that wear well under rising heat and the occasional downpour. Lightweight moisturisers, or oil-free and gel textures for acne-prone skin, can be slotted in over the richer textures winter demanded. Likewise, if you’ve been using a retinoid, spring is the time to finish up any remaining formulas to ensure skin isn’t at risk of any sun sensitivity.

AHAs, hydrators and antioxidants are also key ingredients to swap in or amp up during this time too as skin needs regular exfoliation to help fight congestion and skin-strengthening ingredients ahead of summer. Just be sure to make the transitions slowly to give skin time to adjust to new ingredients and textures.

5 must-have skin care products for spring:

  1. Work in a gentle cleansing mousse (ahem, Properly Clean) to help wash away grime, sweat, and all other spring-related fun. An oil cleanser can still be used to double cleanse during spring, especially to help remove layers of SPF or soothe skin post-dip.
  2. Skin needs consistent exfoliation to remove dead, pore-clogging skin cells and leftover winter product, and Exfoliating Swipeys will gently do just that but you may want to support their work with a bi-weekly enzymatic peel for good measure.
  3. Masks are perfect for resetting skin and nothing beats a clay mask when you’re in need of a big-time clear out. Opt into a weekly clay mask in the first weeks of spring then switch to a multimasking regimen, using your favourite clay mask and a hydrating, skin barrier-strengthening mask to tackle congested and dry areas simultaneously.
  4. Antioxidants are a must all year long but especially in the lead up to summer. A brightening Vitamin C serum will deliver that protection while targeting hyperpigmentation and free radical damage caused by environmental aggressors like UV light.
  5. An extremely important part of any routine, SPF is a must-wear at all times but especially as the temperatures rise and with it, the UV index. Don’t forget to apply SPF to your neck, décolletage, ears and the back of your hands before heading out.

Preparing your skin for summer

Summer can be tough on the skin; sun, surf, copious amounts of SPF can play havoc with that cute face and a lot of damage can be done when one is exposed to Hot Girl Summer fun. Focus on maintaining a healthy skin barrier⁠—no over-exfoliation, please!—and continue to drench skin in hydrating humectants and antioxidants.

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Avoid prolonged sun exposure, and make sure you re-apply frequently in accordance with directions. Remember, sunscreen is only one component of sun protection so always wear a hat, protective clothing and eyewear when you’re in the sun.