So, You're Not In Love With Your Fine Lines...

So, You're Not In Love With Your Fine Lines...

We get it!

Man, do we get it.

‘Cos even though facial lines are a normal part of life – and we’re okay with that! – they’re not all caused by living/smiling/laughing at funny memes. Which is a good thing, because it means some of them can actually be prevented.

So! Here’s some preventy stuff you can start doing right now:

Use skin care with good quality antioxidants

Antioxidants are basically a bodyguard for your face. They neutralise free radicals and stop them running riot (causing pigmentation, wrinkles and sagging) on your skin.

Our very own Face Hero and Very Useful Face Cream are loaded with potent antioxidants for this very reason.

Exfoliate! Often!

Consistent exfoliation refines your skin texture, fades pigmentation, gets rid of dead skin cells, and allows new skin cells to come through all fresh and glowy, but that’s not all.

Exfoliating also minimises the appearance of any pesky fine lines. In other words: it’s a no brainer if you want to protect your skin from premature ageing.

Get yourself some silk

As well as making your bed look all fancy and cute, silk pillowcases are phenomenal anti-ageing devices. You see, cotton pillowcases often cause friction between your skin and the pillow. This friction results in face creases, which eventually become permanent wrinkles.

But not with silk.

With silk, your face glides effortlessly over the pillow all night. With silk, sleep creases don’t exist. With silk, life, is, GOOD.

Use sun protection every single day

Incidental UV damage (the one you get from running errands, commuting, grabbing coffee with Beyonce) adds up and wreaks havoc on your skin. But! Wearing SPF daily can seriously reduce your physical signs of ageing.

Essentially, SPF is how to keep your skin healthy and plump, now AND in 20 years time.

Use it daily and start preventing, already!