A Luxe, Lush Way To Fend Off Wrinkles

A Luxe, Lush Way To Fend Off Wrinkles

In our (biased) opinion, a silk pillowcase is one of the very best beauty products a dame can invest in.


Silk always splits the bill evenly!

Never forgets your anniversary!

Is cool with driving around till you find a more manageable park!

Likes all your Instagram photos!

Even the ones of smoothies!

And arguably most importantly, with silk, crease lines don’t exist.

Girl laying on silk pillowcase

You see, when we sleep, our skin is prone to stretching, wrinkling and creasing. And sleeping on a cotton (or polyester or satin) pillowcase, creates friction between your skin and the pillow leading to sleep creases. Overtime these frustrating but seemingly benign facial creases turn into permanent wrinkles. How perfectly unsavory.

But with silk there is no friction, tugging or pulling. Instead, it allows your gorgeous face to glide freely over the pillow all night.

And the good stuff doesn't stop there.

Silk pillowcases also keep your hair: shiny! Smooth! Frizz-free! And it’ll make fancy blow-dries last longer.

Plus, it would never absorb your skin’s natural moisture (or that face cream you applied before bed) like those moisture-hogs cotton and satin will.

In short, silk is a skin care essential and your cute, crease-free face will prove it.