7 Really Honest Reviews Of Juicy Gel

7 Really Honest Reviews Of Juicy Gel

So we went ahead and made another cleanser. But not without purpose! This specific product was formulated with sensitive, dry and mature faces front of mind. 

(Though that’s not to say anyone chasing a cool, invigorating cleanse can’t try it too.)

Juicy Gel is the super soft gel cleanser made with soothing ingredients like cucumber extract, aloe vera, and lotus root water. Designed to cleanse, plump and hydrate the skin, Juicy Gel prepares a bouncy base for whatever comes next - serums! Oils! Mimosas! 

Before sending her live on the website and launching in Mecca we sneakily, as always, hand picked a pool of Real People from our thriving Facebook Group. Members of the Go-To community who had been asking for gel cleanser recommendations for a long, looooong time. 

And here’s what they had to say when we sent Juicy Gel samples in the mail:

Laura, 36, Dry Skin

“It was lovely. It felt quite hydrating for a gel and yes, soothing. This would be a beautiful ‘cooling’ cleanser in summer on a sun-kissed face. I enjoyed the jelly texture, it felt slippy and squishy on my face (in a good way…).

My skin felt very clean but still lovely and velvety. It’s rare to find that combination! Juicy Gel leaves my skin feeling a little softer and more nourished. (And smells like the luxe cucumber water you find in a celebrity-only day spa!)”

Georgina, 27, Dry Skin

“First impressions: good sized bottle (made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic too!) that will fit perfectly in my Go-To travel bag, love the simplicity of the lid too. The cleanser itself was a beautiful, plump gel texture that was very easy to handle and apply. My skin instantly felt refreshed.

I have used Properly Clean in the past but phased it out of my routine as I found it a little too drying for my skin in winter. I have been on the hunt for a gentler but still fun to use cleanser ever since and I think Juicy Gel may just be ‘The One’.”

Caylie, 31, Combination Skin

“I’ve never used a gel cleanser before so it was certainly exciting! The texture felt really smooth and glided around my face with ease. It was quite a mindful experience.  

After application, my skin felt very clean, refreshed, and invigorated. It felt like I had the perfect clean canvas to start applying my serum, moisturiser, and face oil. I was happy to see my skin looked very clear too. I felt like it had done its job and done it well.“

Peta, 46, Just Skin

I’m currently using a cream cleanser so Juicy clean being a gel was a bit more watery than I’m used to, but not overly. One small squirt went a long way! It was a light lather, with a little foaminess when washing off but that was usually when I used a bit too much.

My face definitely felt clean once rinsed off, and not at all dry (like foam cleansers usually do). I would definitely choose Juicy Gel again over Properly Clean.”

Amy, 28, Combination Skin

“It lathered really well without being too bubbly, not to mention a little goes a long way! The fragrance is refreshing and relaxing as well, not too overpowering. 

It was soothing and hydrating on the dry areas of my face and definitely left my skin feeling nice and plump and bouncy. I much prefer Juicy Gel and will definitely be making the switch.”

Kylie, 46, Sensitive Skin

“To start, the smell is very refreshing with cucumber and aloe, and I love the consistency of the gel upon application. It felt like a light, creamy lather.

My skin feels hydrated and plump after use and I was delighted that my skin didn’t react in any way which is always a concern when introducing new products. Overall, I am impressed and will definitely be adding Juicy Gel to my skincare routine.”

Yinyee, 33, Combination Skin

“Juicy Gel lathered up really nicely! I added a touch more water for that lighter, bubbly lather on those days when I wanted a slightly longer cleanse for therapeutic purposes. (If I squeezed out too much it became a wonderful shower experience for the body too.)

The fragrance is day spa-esque with the cucumber. Close your eyes and it's almost like having a facial. I'm not a huge fan of cucumber scents, but I enjoyed this one. It left my skin clean, non-stripped, and juicy! Juicy Gel is a fabulous morning and second evening cleanse.”