We Spoke To Zoë And Lesleigh About The Go-To x Alémais Collaboration, Summer Skin, And Summer Styling, So Dig In!

We Spoke To Zoë And Lesleigh About The Go-To x Alémais Collaboration, Summer Skin, And Summer Styling, So Dig In!

Just in case you haven’t seen the 110 emails, 703 social posts, and tropicana-themed blimp floating above Sydney (you missed it!?), let me reiterate the news that Go-To has partnered with homegrown luxury fashion label, Alémais, for the ‘23 summer holiday collection. And we’re just a tad excited. 

Both brands are Aussie-made, with fabulous female founders at the helm, so melting the two together felt like such a heavenly fix. A celebration of fun and colour and confidence. (That resulted in the most covetable, custom gifts and sets that honour the joy of beauty and fashion.)

We got Go-To founder, Zoe Foster Blake, and Alémais founder, Lesleigh Jermanus, in the one room - you should have seen the outfits, and heard the giggling - to answer a couple of questions on the exclusive collab, summer skin, and styling tips for this season. 

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Tidbits from Zoë!

Beauty and fashion are inextricably linked, both an art form, both means for self-expression. What other similarities do you see / feel between iconic Aussie brands: Go-To and Alémais? 

“For me, both brands are anchored in playfulness, and a certain ease-of-use; they allow the wearer to enjoy fashion/skincare in an effortless, simple way. And in their own distinct way, Go-To and Alémais each bring about confidence when you wear/use them.” 

This holiday collab is a big way to end ‘23, is it a sign of what’s to come from Go-To, heading into its 10th year of business? 

“2024 better be ready for us, put it that way.”

Skin in the summer can be quite fickle (dry, hot, congested)(thanks El Nino), what are your absolute must-dos to maintain a healthy and happy face?

“No matter the season or life stage: what is your skin asking for? Is it congested and looking a bit dull? Maybe it needs more deep cleansing because of all the SPF and makeup, by way of oil cleansers, and clay masks and using an exfoliating toner at night. (I double cleanse each night in summer due to all my frenzied SPF reapplication.) 

Or, is it dry and needing more hydration? Bring out the hydrating serums and face oils

Too much fun, bad habits and not enough sleep? Keep a stash of sheet masks in the fridge, use face oil each day for a boost, and do a nurturing cream mask once a week. Whatever is going on, there is a simple product or routine switch up to help.”

Musings from Lesleigh!

Alémais has become a go-to for Australian resort wear, did you ever imagine so many women resonating with your designs?

“Not in the explosive wonderful way that it has. When I see Alémais out in the wild my heart skips a beat! I think people resonate with the uniqueness that we offer and the spirit and energy of the brand shines through.”

Can you give us an insight to the creative process for each new Alemais collection released? From moodboards to materials to photoshoots. 

“We always talk about how the process changes every season depending on our starting point. It is mostly an intuitive, emotional process and a constant evolution of ideas from one season to the next. Early on in the process we usually collaborate with the artisans and suppliers on textile developments, from here we collaborate with the team on artwork and sit and talk about each style. Lot's of sitting on the floor bouncing around ideas, sharing inspiration, sketches and print concepts. The process to the final product remains fluid right up until the moment when we shoot the collection and experience all the creative elements coming together. It is always a spectacular moment when you see it come together.”

Do you have any rituals / habits / hot tips when it comes to summer styling?

“For me, feeling comfortable is feeling confident. I love pieces, such as a shirtdress, that you can just throw on and feel cool and sophisticated at the same time. The simplicity of a great dress or silk set will set you apart with the right accessories – a big sunhat, chunky bangles or statement sandals to polish off the look.”