The Boldest Brand Collabs Of 2023

The Boldest Brand Collabs Of 2023

They’re everywhere. They’re cross industry. And we can’t get enough. Collabs have truly reached new heights in 2023, with a formula that seems to meld ‘heritage’ brands with modern business/trends/influencers. The more unlikely a match the better. 

We’re on the cusp of November, so naturally, we’re feeling reflective. Here’s a list of collaborations that earned Power Couple status this year. 

Rhode x Krispy Kreme

We simply had to start here. To celebrate the launch of their new Strawberry Peptide Lip Tint Treatment, Rhode (founded by model and celebrity, Hailey Beiber) combined forces with Krispy Kreme to create a limited run of strawberry glazed donuts in line with the product drop. A super sweet send-off to summer, Rhode was able to capitalise on the growing list of food-based beauty trends, so customers could really have their lip gloss and eat it too. 

Charlotte Tilbury x Disney 

Another one that didn’t make it down under, but we can still admire from afar. Charlotte Tilbury launched a magical makeup collection with Disney, or more specifically, Tinker Bell. Following an animated short film where Charlotte flies around London sprinkling rose gold pixie dust, the beauty brand released a series of limited edition products including Tinker Bell adorned Beauty Light Wand and Magic Cream. 

RIMOWA x Tiffany & Co

Cos conventional luggage is so last year. Launching a three-piece set (jewellery case, personal case, cabin case) luxury brands RIMOWA and Tiffany & Co combined their strengths in craftsmanship. Applying rock cut design and Tiffany blue accents to each item of luggage for maximum style and functionality. A ‘testament to the art of travel’. 

Ikea x Marimekko

Alas! One we bought into! The brainchild of two Nordic icons, after Ikea housed an exclusive collection of furniture, glassware, and textiles designed by Marimekko. The Batsua range saw very bold and colourful prints make their way onto seemingly mundane household items, inspired by nature, sauna culture, and self-care rituals. 

Maccas x Peter Alexander

One that had us all looking like a midnight snack. Dropping in mid-winter, making it a no-brainer of a purchase, Maccas and Peter Alexander released a range of 70s inspired PJs for you, your partner, and your dog. The Hamburglar, Ronald and long-forgotten Grimace all made very colourful appearances on the matching flannelette sets. (Though free fries were never included sadly.)

Go-To x Alémais

In celebration of summer '23 and the holiday season, Go-To has released a range of gifts and sets plastered with a very dreamy, tropical (and exclusive) print as designed by homegrown fashion label, Alémais. Two iconic Aussie brands with fabulous female founders at the helm have dropped skincare must-have's that are destined to be the most coveted, fun, and affordable gift under any Christmas tree.