Do I Need To Moisturise If I Have Oily Or Combination Skin?

Do I Need To Moisturise If I Have Oily Or Combination Skin?

You do! You really do! 

Moisturiser is a core step in a skincare routine. Any skincare routine! In our (correct) opinion, skipping moisturiser is an oily skin sin that could land you with dry, sore, or pissed-off skin. 

Here, we’ll prove it.

Why Oily/Combo Skin Types Need To Moisturise

All skin types (and concerns) (and ages) need moisture. 

The oil (sebum) that your skin produces - or in the case of oilier skin types, overproduces - is different to the ingredients that are in your face creams. This means that the excess oil on your face or t-zone does not replace a moisturiser in your routine. 

Moisturiser plays an important role in the skincare line-up; it helps to look after your moisture barrier and keep it strong, it boosts hydration levels, it balances and can help regulate oil, it softens and smoothes the skin, and (depending on the ingredients within the one you choose!) it can be enormously helpful targeting your key skin concerns, whether that’s reducing shine, plumping fine lines, or anything in between. 

Basically, your skin type shouldn’t determine whether or not you moisturise, instead it should help you determine what type of moisturiser to use. And happily, there are a mammoth amount of options available for you to find your moisturiser match.

Finding The Right Moisturiser For Your Skin

As with all things skincare routine-building, bring it back to your skin, your day, your goals. Genetics and environmental factors will play a large role in what you find works best for you. So consider your daily routine carefully and create a wishlist of everything you want from your moisturiser. And if you need a little (sk)inspiration? Below! Duh! 

Oily Skin 
If you identify as an oily skin haver, we understand how scary it can be to bring a moisturiser into your routine, so we recommend you reach for something with mattifying properties. Matte moisturisers are formulated to sink right into the skin and disappear without a whiff of residue. They’re very helpful for assisting with excess oil and can even help your makeup hang around longer. 

Very Lightweight Moisturiser Face Go-To Skincare Single
50ML / 1.7 FL OZ

Very Lightweight Moisturiser

Oil-Free Gel-Cream

A bouncy gel-cream for shine-free skin. Offering intense hydration, with a soft, matte finish and zero residue, this oil-free dreamboat is moisturser for people who hate wearing moisturiser. Perfect for oily, combination, breakout-prone, and teen skin, this fast-absorbing and airy gel-cream is no lightweight (sorry) when it comes to ingredients.

Combination Skin
Combo cats may prefer something with ingredients that have balancing benefits. This will help ensure you’re not overwhelming oily spots with a rich formula, while also allowing you to offer hydration for the rest of your face.