Why Can’t I Just Use Face Products Under My Eyes?

Why Can’t I Just Use Face Products Under My Eyes?

The skin around your eyes is many layers thinner, and more delicate, than the rest of the face (ie. those chubby cheeks). It's not as tolerant towards really active serums or really rich creams. Plus the loss of collagen and elastin is more exaggerated. 

Your eye area is one of the first places to manifest signs of ageing. But when you think about years of blinking, squinting, laughing, crying, frowning, tugging off mascara (all natural and inevitable), it does make sense. 

So why would you want to pick up a product that isn’t formulated specifically to treat the eye area?

Unfortunately, using your face serums and creams [in lieu of an eye product] is not going to make a difference around the eye area. The molecules inside the face product / formula are too big to penetrate the delicate skin under our eyes,” explains Dermal Therapist, Sieanna Pardi. 

“Certain antioxidants and active ingredients are required to treat the eyes, and if you use a product that is too rich you could be left with fluid retention or irritation (which can lead to contact dermatitis). Eye products are made specifically to treat the eyes. It’s the most effective way to see results in this area. So use them!”

Ok, fine, what should I look for then?

Glad you asked! Sieanna will answer!

“A good eye product should contain lots of antioxidants and hydrating ingredients as its base. Look for ingredients like vitamin e, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, B3 , licorice root, and copper peptides, to name a few. We want to look for ingredients that will support and strengthen our skin under the eyes as well as brighten, and protect from free radicals.

Going a touch deeper, an important ingredient to try and find within an eye product is vitamin a. Also known as retinol or retinal. This anti-ageing ingredient helps to speed up cellular turnover and reboot collagen production for a smoother, plumper, more youthful appearance. To find this in an eye cream or serum can be quite difficult, as it needs to be the right percentage (not too strong) and encapsulated with antioxidants so it doesn’t irritate the eyes.” 

Sounds tricky…we might take a stab anyway.

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