15 Christmas Gift Ideas From Go-To HQ

15 Christmas Gift Ideas From Go-To HQ

The holiday season is here! If, like us, you still have to finish (start?) your festive shopping, we thought you might like a little inspiration. So, here's everything the gang at Go-To HQ are gifting this year.

Read it! Use it! Steal our ideas! Take all the glory for yourself! It's our gift to you.

"I will be gifting the Adorable Go-To Minis to all of my kids' amazing teachers as a thank you for the support over the tough year we have had. It’s a wonderful way for them to experience the amazing products and then re-use the zippy bag (I’m thinking… pencil cases). My niece and nephews will be thrilled to receive the Big Kids. I know they will be the talk of the town at school with the lunch box and stickers."
Jess, HR Manager

“I’ll 100% be gifting Every Face to myself this Christmas! That lemon neoprene bag is too cute to see in anyone else’s suitcase but mine! (Oh, and the products are alright too.)”
Cynthia, Digital Marketing Coordinator

"I’ll be gifting Bro-To The Lot to my teenage nephew. He’s recently started on his skin care journey and loves these products, so it’s sure to win me some cool-aunty points, especially with the bonus neoprene travel bag."
Alex, Community Manager

"I am definitely picking up Go-To, To Go (and Gro-To, To Go) (and Bro-To, To Go!) for some of my favourite people! It’s a great way to introduce them to the brand. Plus, who doesn’t love minis?"
Yvonne, Social Media Manager

"Totally gonna nab the Transformazing Extra! for my Mum (..and self)! I can’t resist the groovy, cute design. It’s giving very much summer. And so will my glow after the sheet mask magic."
Falisha, Community Coordinator

"I'm getting Play, Suds, Sleep! for my niece. Because she really will love Sleepy Head and the pencil case, and my sister will really love reading her Back To Sleep. And having a tired chuckle-cry."
Alice, Gro-To Brand Manager

"Morning Glow will be featuring in a couple of gifts under the tree this year for sure. It includes all of my favourite products and who wouldn’t want to begin 2022 with Much Brighter Skin!"
Jacky, Head of Finance

“I’ll be snagging the Morning Glow set for my mum and grandma—they could both use a simplified morning routine. And I’ll be buying Transformazing Extra! to add to my table setting this Christmas so everyone gets a little gift. (Also, I’ll be buying myself Go-To and Gro-To, To Go because I intend on taking them honeymooning in 2022.)”
Lilith, Digital Content Manager

“As a first time mum myself, I will definitely be sharing my good finds and things that (actually) work with my friends who are also new mums! So I will be gifting Bath Buds that also comes along with the nifty little swim bag! I will also be getting Transformazing Extra! So I can pop a couple sheet masks into each of their presents because, well, babies!”
Christine, Executive Assistant

“Sheet masks are a crowd favourite in party season so this year I’m grabbing Transformazing Extra! It comes with 12 hydrating sheet masks, designed with very fun/limited edition artwork, which means I can split it up between a few friends, tick a bunch of people off my list in one hit, and snatch up any leftovers for my own stash.”
Megs, Brand Content Manager

"I’ll be snapping up the adorably teeny Bro-To, To Go set this year for my brothers. Last year they were lucky enough to land the full-sized Bro-To prods from me, but now that we’re able to travel, this is the perfect lil’ set to keep their skin fresh and clean on the go!"
Ailish, Community Coordinator

"Will definitely be grabbing Double Cleanse for my mum. She’s obsessed with Fancy Face (or ‘the Posh Oil’ as she calls it). Also, it means that whenever I go to visit I have a stash that I can dip into in case I forget mine."
Matt, Graphic Designer

“I’ll be gifting Little Squirts to my cousin as his family will be expecting a little one early next year!”
Susana, Quality Assurance Manager

"I can’t wait to see the cute yellow neoprene bag in real life! So I will be getting Every Face for my sister. Full of Go-To favourites that I know her skin loves and I will give her the bag to keep everything together. Or keep it for myself... Maybe I need two sets."
Tara, Community Coordinator

"As someone whose love language is gift-giving, I’m treating my best friend to Facial In A Box and gifting Glowy Face to both my sisters. Bright, glowy skin is a guaranteed win."
Georgia, Group Marketing and Content Coordinator