The Very Best Books We Read In Lockdown

The Very Best Books We Read In Lockdown

Fresh out of lockdown and looking for a Summer read to take with you to the beach/park/pool? We can help! The last few months gave Team Go-To nothing but time to devour some really great reads.

Here are all of our top picks. Add them to your Christmas list immediately if not sooner.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid
“I’m thrilled to report that the latest book from TJR (the genius behind Daisy Jones And The Six and The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo) definitely doesn’t disappoint. Set in the 80s, Malibu Rising tells the story of the four Riva siblings ahead of their massive end of summer party. It’s a fast-paced read that jumps between past and present to expertly tell a story about fame, family relationships, and heartbreak. Read it! (Then force everyone in your life to do the same.)”
Megs, Brand Content Manager

The Spectacular Suit by Kat Patrick
"I read and adored The Spectacular Suit. If you enjoy picture books (who doesn't!), this story about Frankie and her search for the perfect birthday get-up is so joyous and uplifting. It's beautifully illustrated, and it made me very excited for parties! And outfits! And sparkle!"
Alice, Gro-To brand manager

Know My Name by Chanel Miller
“Incredibly powerful, heartbreaking and frustrating. I remember reading Chanel Miller’s (then Emily Doe) impact statement on Buzzfeed at my desk and the intensity of which it hit home was immense. I felt it in my chest and I continued to feel it as I read her book. Beautifully written, discouragingly upsetting and disarmingly familiar, this book should be part of the curriculum at any school.”
Jess, Group Marketing Manager

The Memory Police by Yōko Ogawa
“Novels, roses, ribbons, birds, calendars—these are just some of the everyday items that disappear from the island setting of Yōko Ogawa’s novel, The Memory Police. Disappearances enforced by the omnipresent Memory Police, who track down and dispose of anyone who attempts to remember, preserve or save these precious items. This novel is so brilliantly written, so imaginative, so full of melancholy and so worth the read.
Lilith, Digital Content Manager

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig
"Somewhere in the balance between life and death there exists a library of infinite books. Each book contains the story of a different life Nora could have led had she made different choices. Nora can visit as many as she wants as she fixes old regrets and searches within herself to decide what makes a truly fulfilling life worth living. Uplifting, warm and thought provoking, it’s by far my favourite book this year. Grab life and live it as only YOU can!"
Diana, Procurement and Quality Assurance Officer

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman
“This book was a comforting read with plenty of well-built suspense as well as a huge dollop of humour. Set in a retirement village in the UK, this book follows four charming friends who meet up each week to discuss and dissect cold case murders. When a murder happens on their doorstep, the gang are on the frontfoot of the investigation and are much more capiable than you would’ve guessed. It’s a clever, cozy, and funny book that’s a perfect holiday or cup of tea read. I’m currently reading the second installment, ‘The Man Who Died Twice’, so no spoilers please!”
Ailish, Community Coordinator

They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera
In a strange version of the very near future, a new company is able to predict the deaths of every individual. This story focuses on two teenage boys who are informed by said company that they only have one day left to live. It’s such an oddly intriguing premise, and the boys spend the day learning life lessons, coming to terms with their reality, and forging a friendship beyond measure. It is both frightening and touching, and will have you pausing to reflect on how you spend your own days.
Alex, Community Manager