A Dermatologist Shares Their Skincare Resolutions For ‘24

A Dermatologist Shares Their Skincare Resolutions For ‘24

2024 is shaping up to be my year of radiant skin, and I can feel the positive changes coming. As a dermatologist with a diverse range of responsibilities (including practising dermatology and being a mum) finding the time for my skincare rituals can be a challenge. Despite having a wealth of tools and knowledge, achieving my best skin often slips through the cracks. This year, my resolution is to make small but impactful commitments to prioritise my skin health.

Here are my skin goals for 2024. I'm excited for the journey ahead. Wish me luck!

Retinol cycling.

Retinol stands out as one of the few actives backed by data, to support its anti-ageing claims. Being in my 40s, I'm no stranger to the benefits of retinol, and in 2024, I plan to really focus on integrating it into my skincare routine. Reserved exclusively for evening use, I plan to implement a retinol cycling strategy. This involves alternating between various strengths to optimise cellular renewal. 

By switching brands at the end of each use and adjusting strengths, I aim to shield my skin from environmental damage and stave off visible signs of ageing. I'll be exploring familiar strengths, like 1%, starting gradually, and progressively increasing frequency as the months unfold. It's a deliberate and thoughtful approach to elevate my skincare routine in the coming year.

Maintaining a regular laser protocol.

In the realm of skincare technology, I'm fortunate to have access to cutting-edge lasers through my clinic, ODE Dermatology. As a dedicated dermatologist, I advocate passionately for laser protocols and personalised rituals for my clients every day. However, I must admit, I've been inconsistent in applying this expertise to my own skincare routine, often struggling to find time for a consistent treatment plan as life unfolds.

But 2024 marks a change for me – I'm prioritising self-care as I recommend for any client. Identifying key concerns like visible signs of ageing (goodbye, collagen loss) and dealing with melasma on my cheeks, I've crafted a 12-month plan just for myself. With a mix of non-ablative lasers like Moxi 1927 and collagen-inducing and hyaluronic-stimulating protocols such as Ultraformer and Exion, I'm committed to nurturing my skin back to its radiant days. It's time to give myself the same level of care I provide to others.

No laser protocol journey is truly comprehensive without incorporating at-home care as well; tailored skincare, designed to address your specific concerns and skin type, plays a pivotal role in maximising the effectiveness of in-clinic treatments. This approach ensures that post-laser skin not only heals but also receives the nourishment and optimization needed for a healthy and radiant barrier. It's the synergy of professional treatments and personalised at-home care that brings out the best in your skin.

Skincare, but for hair.

I am deeply dedicated to hair care, whether it's regenerating hair growth, preventing hair loss, or addressing complex cases involving autoimmune conditions. One aspect often overlooked by many of my clients is the significance of the skin on their scalp and its impact on overall hair health. During 2024, a major focus for me is going to be optimising my scalp microbiome to ensure the best possible hair growth, health, and quality.

I like to think of the skin around the follicle as akin to the soil in which a plant thrives. Its quality profoundly influences prosperity, and it's a message I'm eager to share widely. My skincare routine is evolving to prioritise scalp health, carefully considering what products I incorporate (or exclude) in my daily and weekly rituals. In the coming year, my go-to’s will include calendula, rosemary, and burdock root. These, coupled with essential fatty acids and phytosterols, aim to nourish the scalp and foster optimal hair growth. It's time to elevate our awareness about the holistic connection between scalp health and vibrant, thriving hair.


Dr. Shammi Theesan is an esteemed dermatologist based in Fitzroy, Melbourne, and the visionary founder of ODE Dermatology. With a commitment to delivering transformative results, Dr. Theesan seamlessly merges the realms of science and traditional wellness measures. Her approach embodies a harmonious blend of cutting-edge dermatological practices and time-honoured holistic wellness, providing a unique and effective path to skin health.