Why Make A Hydrating Serum?

Why Make A Hydrating Serum?

Because they work! And making things that work is what we do!

Also, I really wanted a Go-To version. Been using other brands for 20 years and it was time we had a go. (You may have seen my video how-tos over the years: I always use a hyaluronic serum.) As it turns out, we did a very nice job, and we offer something few other hydrating or hyaluronic serums do: peptides. Nice!

I’ve written at length about how I decide which products to make. Sometimes it’s cos I know we can put our unique Go-To spin on a category that I love and use daily. Sometimes it’s because there is something missing from our line-up for a skin type we want to help. And sometimes it’s both. As is the case for our newest product: Much Plumper Skin, our brand new hydrating serum.

This is our second serum, following on from our best-selling Vitamin C serum, Much Brighter Skin, but it is often the first kind of serum people will start using as they begin exploring beyond cleanser and moisturiser, or when they’re after a effective, level-up hydration.

*No matter your age or stage, all skin can benefit from more hydration.*

No one is immune to the drying effects of the environment, lack of sleep, stress, dehydration, air con, or using drying or aggressively active skin care products! We live in a modern world. It is not kind to skin. Give your skin a hand.

I began using a hydrating serum in my early 20s, as I didn’t yet need to treat hyperpigmentation or fine lines etc: I just wanted plumper skin cos late nights were showing and I was dry-skinned to begin. I learned early in my career as a beauty editor that most skin hydration does NOT come from moisturiser, but from what goes on underneath, namely serums and oils. Yes, moisturiser helps, but it’s at its best when it sits on top, locking everything in.

And so, I’m thrilled to offer a serum to hydrate and plump even very dry or dehydrated skin types, and act as a wonderful booster to your existing skin care.

Why - and how - this serum works

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most searched skincare ingredients on Google, and with good reason: it’s proven, it works, it’s for everyone. It’s a humectant, which when applied to the skin, can attract and hold water, giving a plumping and hydrating effect. Much Plumper Skin is formulated with four different types of hyaluronic acid for a multi-pronged approach. (Why risk just one, right?) We also used aloe vera to soothe, provitamin B5 (aka panthenol; another outstanding humectant), and for some extra special sauce, we added peptides to promote firmness, elasticity and reduce the depth of fine lines and wrinkles. (I don’t care for the term, but peptides is the OG ‘anti-ageing’ ingredient.) This serum protects you from dehydration and prevents trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) by boosting moisture then sealing it in, serving up bouncy, radiant, much plumper skin.

It’s non-tacky, non-sticky and absorbs quickly (alleviating pet hates of mine) and in a first for us, it is fragrance-free. It has been formulated to play well with all skin types and supporting products - from the very active, to the very simple. Much Plumper Skin is fantastic under makeup, is perfect (and recommended) in your PM skin routine, and injects hydration and calm to at-home facials. This lightweight serum is ideal for skinimalists and 12-steppers alike: it’s like that perfect white tee in your wardrobe, it goes with everything.

I’ve been using this serum every night for almost a year (I use Much Brighter Skin in the morning, and Much Plumper Skin at night) and am so proud of it. My skin DOES look plumper, and feel juicier: this serum works.

It is as much an all-rounder as our beloved Face Hero, and they make for an unbeatable duo in the evening before moisturiser. Try it and see the difference.