You Should Be Wearing SPF Every Single Day

You Should Be Wearing SPF Every Single Day

Yep, even when it’s cloudy. Even if you work inside for most of the day. Even if you’re only going to fly your kite in the National Kite Flying Championship for 30 minutes. SPF is an everyday product. We know it. You know it. Your dermatologist definitely knows it. And yet, a lot of you STILL aren’t wearing it.

So, we calmly asked you “WHY THE HELL NOT?”

“It feels thick and oily and ruins my makeup!”

They’re sticky and smelly and makes my face shiny!”

“Most sunscreens are oily, stinky and far too thick.”

“SPFs break me out. I really want to use one, but I also want to be spot-free.”

And we get it. We do! Because you’re right about some things. Cosmetically speaking, SPF has a truly awful reputation. Some are greasy and ruin makeup. Some are too thick and leave your face ghosty. Some just feel a bit gross, so why SHOULD you wear it? Why would you wear it.

Girls in the sun

How’s that! Here are three compelling reasons we had up our internet sleeve:

Cumulative sun damage is the primary reason for skin ageing.

Incidental sun damage (the kind you get from running errands, picking up the kids, grabbing a coffee etc etc.) adds up. And thanks to UVA rays, all that sun exposure can lead to: fine lines, pigmentation, dark spots. But! Wearing SPF every day can dramatically reduce your physical signs of ageing. (Put simply: SPF is how to look 40 when you’re 60.)

Exfoliated skin is more vulnerable to sun damage.

If you are exfoliating layers off your face, (be that with AHAs, BHAs, retinoids or retinol or Vitamin A products) you are giving UV rays easier access to damage your skin cells.

Skin cancer is not something that happens to other people.

It happens here, to us. Australia has the third highest rate of skin cancer in the world, and 2 in every 3 Aussies will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they’re 70. That’s a big, scary real world statistic. And a bloody good reason to start wearing SPF, if you ask us.

The good news is wearing SPF every day will protect you from all that stuff. It really will!

The BETTER news is SPF formulations have come a long way.

We used to have to deal with thick, oily, makeup-ruining creams to shield our faces from sun damage. But not anymore.

We’ve spent four years creating a (soon-to-be-released) formula that’s beautiful on the skin, and as hydrating and lightweight as a regular daily moisturiser without sunscreen, but is loaded with 18% zinc oxide.

And that means those reasons you gave us before don’t mean shit.

Wear it.