Everything Go-To HQ Is Reaching For This Winter

Everything Go-To HQ Is Reaching For This Winter

The chilly season is in full swing! If, like us, you're looking for things to see you through til spring, we thought you might like a little inspiration. So, here's everything the gang at Go-To HQ are reaching for this winter.

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“You’ll rarely find me not wearing my Oodie (the corgi one, of course) in Winter. I’ll also be watching the latest season of Love Island UK to help me pretend I’m warm, wearing clip clopping heels on a Summer deck saying “I’ve got a text!” — Ailish, Marketing Assistant 

“My winter go-tos are T2’s China Jasmine Loose Leaf, The Repair Shop for my ultra dry, dehydrated skin, and the giant stack of books next to my bed; right now I’m reading The Duchess Who Dared: The Life of Margaret, Duchess of Argyll and next, Crying in H Mart.” — Lilith, Digital Content Manager

This winter you will find me slathered in The Repair Shop (everyone at Go-To will probably say the same, IYKYK) binging Apple TV’s Tehran, my new spy obsession, and googling balmy Christmas holiday destinations, ‘cause we are all travelling again, right? — Leonie, CMO

“As the temps have dropped I’ve been binge-ing Everything I Know About Love, with a glass of Pinot Noir in hand. In the mornings you can find me soaking up the sun of Sydney’s beaches on a morning walk, (lathered in SPF of course), and on the weekends I’ll be making some short getaways to Thredbo to ski.” — Nicole, PR & Partnerships 

“Thermals. Super warm, long-sleeved, long-footed thermals. Also: Tony’s Chocolonely, minestrone soup, weighted blankets, hyaluronic acid and room temperature water (because someone recently told me drinking chilled water in Winter is insane and omfg they’re right).” — Jess, Marketing Manager  

“The full length puffer jacket is out to make those early morning dog walks bearable! Bingeing as many Top Gun; Maverick YouTube posts, reading Project Hail Mary and eating lots of soup. Loving the combo of The Repair Shop and Much Plumper Skin.” — Kerry, Product Manager

"A couple of things have already been ticked off the bucket list this winter: trip to NZ and climbing the Harbour Bridge on one of Sydney's windiest twilights! My 12-hour homemade phở is essential during the winter season, as is dousing my face in Much Plumper Skin and vocalising how cold I am every 10 minutes."— Erika, Testing Coordinator

“I'm one of the rare few out there who actually love Winter. So you'll find me cheerily rugged up in my beloved Oodie, watching Grey's Anatomy reruns with a mug of peppermint and licorice tea. I'm also making the most of the reduced humidity to start embracing my naturally wavy hair, and am loving this curl cream by Clever Curl.” — Hannah, Community Coordinator

“This hopeless chef has been trying her hand at Jessica Nguyen's Homemade Chilli Oil. SO easy to make and tastes good on, well everything! Find me most Friday nights on the couch slathering it over dumplings with a glass of Shiraz from Naked Wines in my hand.” — Tayla, Wholesale Logistics 

“You’ll find me in my cozy, super soft dressing gown from Target catching up on The Staircase on Binge, with The Repair Shop on duty to keep my face hydrated and nourished.” — Falisha, Community Coordinator

“My skin feels like sandpaper at the moment (I wish I was exaggerating) which means the only makeup I can bear to use is cream-based. (These are my current top picks for cream blush, highlighter, and shadow, if you’re in a similar, sandpaper-y boat.) I’ve also been mixing a couple of drops of face oil into my tinted moisturiser to help stop it clinging to dry patches. Of which there are many. How good’s winter, hey?” — Megs, Brand Content Manager.

“Unfortunately my son has inherited my super dry and scaly winter skin so we have both been lathering up in Super Softy each night to beat it to the punch! And without a doubt this winter you will find me under my Heated Throw Blanket - on the couch, at my desk, everywhere that the power lead will reach!“ Christine, Executive Assistant

“I have super dry skin during winter, sometimes it is so dry that I have a tiny electric zap when I touch door handles or anything metallic. That’s why I put a duo of Lips! and Super Handy in every pocket that I can find (jacket, bag, etc) and lather up every 2-3 hours a day.” — Charles, Process Engineer

“My winter looks a lot like Biscoff Baked Oats to warm me up in the mornings, several hot chocolates (with marshmallows; white ones only) throughout the day, a big, woollen blanket/glass of pinot noir by the fire pit in the evenings, and Lips! on my person at all times.” — Gee, E-commerce Specialist

“As someone who's diagnosed to have extremely dry eyes, I almost always have eye drops in my pocket, my coat, or my bag. When at home, I have the fan heater pointed directly at my feet under the table and a fresh-from-the-microwave wheat pack to keep my hands warm. Yes, even with the big heater turned on and my home office feeling like a sauna. Because I have such dry skin, I make sure to apply Skin Party on my arms and legs before I snuggle next to my wife at night. Or our dog. Or both of them.” — Icon, Lead Shopify / Front-End Developer

“Early evening dinners with the kids and into PJs is my go-to for overcoming cold nights. Dinners are rich and hearty slow cooked meals and soups on rotation. I find my skin extra thirsty in winter so I like to lather on moisturiser and nourishing replenishing oils (Face Hero) to give my skin the extra oomph it needs. I also find using Exfoliating Swipeys to slough away dead skin makes my winter skin softer and ready to absorb my skincare.”— Jess, HR Manager

“Aside from jumping back on the snowboard I’m trying to churn through my winter TBR which grows faster than I can read. Atm I’m reading Some Will Not Sleep and Things We Lost In The Fire. I’ve also started painting again, checking out live music in cosy pubs and taking the dog on hikes through the national park. Oh and I’m still swimming ofc which means at night I slug with Very Useful Face Cream and Egyptian Magic.” — Kate Jennings, Senior Graphic Designer

“This winter I'm living my cosiest life in my fleece-lined Lorna Jane thermal leggings. Oh and Soup Season's here! With fresh produce a lil more costly at the moment I'm making soups out of whatever weird and wonky veggies my local Harris Farm has in their imperfect picks. So far I've been loving lemon-y Greek inspired roasted tomato, red lentil soup served with crumbled feta over the top.”— Ingrid, Formulation Chemist

"This winter you will find me with my hot water bottle (we're attached at the hip), watching the new episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I also will be aspirational pinning "clean girl aesthetic" makeup looks on Pinterest, whilst I actually sit in my Kmart pyjamas with a face full of The Removalist." — Ash, Community Coordinator 

“With my cozy dressing gown on and a cup of tea in hand, I’m ready to tackle this cold season. I’ve already binged my way through The Lincoln Lawyer and am gearing myself up for Stranger Things. Or maybe I’ll rewatch Schitts Creek (for the fourth time) (seriously, best show). I’m never without lip balm and Super Handy; tbh they’re my ‘every season’ staples. I’m also never without a little treat to go with the aforementioned cup of tea.” — Alex, Community Manager