How To Properly And Gently Remove Your SPF

How To Properly And Gently Remove Your SPF

Wearing sunscreen every day is one of the best (and easiest!) ways to protect the appearance and health of your skin. 

We’re at risk of sounding like a broken record here, however, this is a gentle reminder that the sun never takes a sick day—not during winter, not when it’s cloudy—so implementing SPF protection into your morning routine is a must. No excuses

Before hopping into bed, it’s equally as important to ensure the sunscreen you’re applying daily is completely removed. Any lingering residue is a nightmare for those pretty pores of yours. 

Why it’s so important to remove SPF every night

SPF creates a protective barrier against UVA and UVB rays, and while it’s an important (!) barrier, it’s one you don’t want lingering on your skin while you sleep, as this can lead to clogged pores, dryness, irritation, and leave breakouts knock-knock-knocking on your door (epidermis).  

Our faces collect a lot of grime throughout the day; add sunscreen, makeup, and bagel crumbs into the mix and your skin will start to feel it—all this build up must be removed

When your face is clean clean, the rest of your night-time routine (serums, oils, moisturisers, doom scrolling on TikTok), can get on with their job and not be disrupted by leftover SPF/makeup/grime.

Cleansing away that beloved barrier of SPF is a surefire way to allow your skin to breathe, and let those all-important post-cleanse steps treat and nourish the skin while you get your beauty sleep.

How to properly remove your SPF


Say hola to oils! (Not the edible kind!) Because the Double Cleanse is your new best friend:

  1. Apply cleansing oil to your dry face 
  2. Massage into the skin for 60 seconds 
  3. Take a warm, damp muslin cloth and wipe your face completely clean
  4. Follow up with a gentle, water-based cleanser 
  5. Massage into the skin for 60 seconds 
  6. Splash with water and pat your face dry 
  7. Continue with the remainder of your PM products 

Remember: Oils attract oils, so don’t be afraid to lead with an oil cleanser if your skin regularly sports some shine. It will simply gather up the excess (sebum) while simultaneously breaking down sunscreen and makeup.

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Beyond the daily double cleanse, you might want to bring in some additional skincare support. To beat the breakouts, make sure you are exfoliating 2-3 nights a week to help fend off product build-up which can leave skin looking and feeling dull. 

AHA’s, like those found in Exfoliating Swipeys, break down the glue that holds skin cells together, forcing cell turnover to speed up, and introduce a hefty amount of plumpness and glow (win, win!). 

When self-care Sunday rolls around, it’s time for an even deeper clean: An at-home facial. Use an antioxidant-packed clay mask post-exfoliating to detoxify and whisk away any impurities. 

No more feeling ‘WTF’ about removing stubborn SPF!

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