Why I Use A Silk Pillowcase

Why I Use A Silk Pillowcase

I wish I had curly hair. Instead my hair’s natural shape sits somewhere between unintentional kink and Hagrid. I thought my hair was all frizz and no form. Until I discovered silk pillowcases.

No, it wasn’t a Mia Thermopolis to Princess Of Genovia transformation. The change was incremental. (But Julie Andrews would be no less impressed.) My hair was shinier, there was less breakage, and I was waking up without frizz. And that’s when I realised there was more to this silk thing than it feeling 100/10 on the luxe scale. The benefits of sleeping on silk are pretty great. And listed below, should you be silk-curious.

Why you’ll love sleeping on silk:

No Friction, Tugging, or Pulling
Cotton creates friction between your face and the pillow, which causes face creases that turn into permanent wrinkles. Jerk. (And, speaking as a side sleeper, having one-sided wrinkles scares me silly.) That’s where silk comes in. Silk lets your face slide and glide effortlessly across the pillow as you sleep. There’s none of that tugging, dragging, or pulling like you’d get with cotton.

No Moisture-Hogging
Cotton is a notorious moisture thief. It zaps your skin of any fancy face creams, and strips it of its natural moisture. And if that's not enough, it can also bring allergens and bacteria with it. Ick. No thanks. Silk, on the other hand, is hypoallergenic and it won’t soak up your 10-step routine; your skin stays lovely and hydrated all night.

Bedhead Banished
Silk is a game changer for hair. While cotton induces static, and can damage, snag, and break hair. Silk keeps hair shiny, smooth, and frizz-free. The only thing it can’t do is blow drying your hair to salon quality. But! If you do have a fancy blow-dry, sleeping on silk WILL make it last longer. See? Game changer.

It's Cool
No, I’m not just talking about the obvious bed street-cred you get for sleeping on silk. (Mostly because that’s not a thing at all.) Silk is cool temperature wise. It’s a magnificent thermo-regulator, which means it keeps your face at the ideal temp to stay sound asleep and achieve Goldilocks levels of temperature perfection.

Now you’re convinced that silk is the material you want to drool on every night, it’s important to share this PSA (Public Silk Announcement).

How To Take Care Of Your Silk Pillowcase:

Wash It Regularly
Just like the rest of your bedding, your silk pillowcase should be washed regularly. Aim for once a week to keep things nice and fresh.

No Bleach
It’s tempting, sure. But don’t. We mean it. It will degrade the fabric and make it feel far less nice. That goes for detergent with bleach or enzymes too. Stick with the gentle sudsy stuff, please.

Cool Hand Wash
Keep water temp to less than 30℃ (85℉, for US cuteheads) and keep it out of the machine. Unless your machine has hands, then please do carry on.

Iron or Dry Clean
But do not pop it in the dryer. Silk doesn’t do well with tumbling and heat. Leave it to air dry and iron-steam it on low heat, or pass it on to your favourite dry cleaner, if you want to. It’s your call, fancypants.

Got a question about silk? Pop it below! Or take it from me, and consider switching over to silk. Your crease-free face and luscious-locks will make the change VERY worth it. Promise.

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