Emily: What's In My Bag

Emily: What's In My Bag

Tell us about you.
👋! I’m Emily. Go-To’s Social Media and PR Executive by day and knower of useless facts by night. (Well, round the clock actually.)

Describe your skin type and relationship with skin care/makeup/beauty.
For fear of using a very cliche term, I want to say beauty obsessee but I’ll refrain. I’m a skin care first kind of person, wasn’t always, but years of bad brows, bleached hair, and a penchant for fake tan have gotten me here. I love fun new products but try to keep that in the makeup realm and be consistent with my skin care. So I can y’know, enjoy that precious #GoodSkinDay feeling for multiple days in a row.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever got?
When preening myself in the backroom in my retail days, the girls there taught me a lot about how to accentuate your features and not try to copy other people’s techniques. So I put down that too dark brow pencil, stopped overplucking, and ditched the sparkly liquid bronzer in favour of a more minimalist, glowy look that suits my face shape, skin type (read: dry), and my effort levels. And stopped butchering my toes with ill-spread fake tan. (Moisturise first, novices. It will change your life.)

Describe your go-to beauty look.
SPF, tinted moisturiser, brows, and cream blush. A dust of bronzer and a touch of highlighter so I look iridescent and not on the unwell side of pale.

Have you got any on-the-go skin hacks?
Don’t use as much concealer as you think you’re going to need. Always put on more SPF than you expect. (See above, I’m so very pale.)

Alright. Spill. (Literally.) What are the things that are always in your bag?
Laura Mercier Radiant Concealer
Chantecaille Lipstick
Mecca Cream Blush and Highlighter Duo
Super Handy
SuperGoop SPF Setting Spray
Pilates Socks
Keys (sometimes two pairs if I’ve accidentally thieved my housemate’s. Again.)

If you had to just keep one of those beauty products, what would it be and why?
I’m chronically indecisive so this is more perilous than you know. I would keep the blush and highlighter duo because technically it’s a two in one so I’m not giving up as much. But also because the blush can double as a lip colour and the highlighter as a glossy eyeshadow. Resourceful, I know.