Six Ways To Boost Your Skin As The Seasons Change

Six Ways To Boost Your Skin As The Seasons Change

Can you believe 12 out of 10 people recommend using a booster on your weetbix in the morning?!

No. And you shouldn’t. Because we just made it up and it also doesn’t really make sense. Something we haven’t made up is how seasonal changes can impact your skin. No matter where you are in the world, environmental. It can be annoying but there are plenty of switches you can make to ensure these pesky environmental twists and turns don’t take over your skin.

Enter: Boosters!

Wait, What's A Booster?

A booster is a useful product designed to complement your current routine. They’re basically the skin equivalent of a health shot. They’re a clever addition to your current line-up that can help you target any specific skin care concerns. This makes them an extraordinarily powerful tool in preventing pesky, unavoidable things like low temps, high temps, wind, the flu, or finally getting back to travel from messing with your skin.

Boosters will work with what you’re already using. They give your skin a quick hit of oomph and juice and defence, without forcing you to completely, and unnecessarily, overhaul your existing routine.

Boosters To Use If You’re Currently In A Cooler Climate

If the harsh winds and heavy heater usafe is starting to leave your skin a little dry and tight here’s what we recommend:

1. Incorporate a lush night cream

As the temp drops it’s time to bring in the big, moisture-loaded guns. Our very own Very Useful Face Cream is made with lush shea butter, hydrating oils, and antioxidants, to keep you soft, smooth, and soothed, no matter the season.

2. Add in a hydrating serum
Heard of hyaluronic acid? Then you know it’s a surefire way to offer your skin some extra juice and bounce. (And if you haven’t then here’s a cheat sheet to get you all caught up.) Use your hyaluronic serum of choice daily, (or twice daily!) to fend off dehydration and secure plump, hydrated skin.

3. An at-home facial
A weekly DIY facial is a great chance to not only check in with your skin throughout the year, but treat it to a little extra TLC when it’s in need. It doesn’t need to be extensive or complicated, you can keep it quick with a good clear out, a moisturising mask (pro tip: look out for something with ceramides), and a hard-working face oil to round out the routine will leave you nourished and protected.

Boosters To Use If You’re Currently In A Warmer Climate

Heading into the sweaty season? Here’s how you can prep and prime your skin:

1. A pigmentation serum
A brightening Vitamin C serum will deliver fierce antioxidant protection while targeting hyperpigmentation and free radical damage caused by environmental aggressors like UV light. Like the good antioxidant it is, Vitamin C works alongside your SPF by neutralizing free radical damage that leads to premature ageing.

2. A soothing skin mist
Refresh your skin with lovely, cooling facial mist throughout the day. These can help soothe skin, amp up hydration, refresh your makeup, and also they just feel really nice.

3. Detoxify with clay
SPF is an all-year-round essential, of course, but naturally as we spend more time outside in summer, it’s required more often which can leave your skin feeling in need of a big-time clear out. Work in a clarifying clay mask like The Removalist once a week to whisk away impurities and level up your antioxidant intake.

Boosters To Use If You’re Currently In Outer Space

A rocket ship!