We Checked In With Tania To See How She’s Travelling In The 'New' Toyota

We Checked In With Tania To See How She’s Travelling In The 'New' Toyota

Remember when we told you eight was Go-To founder and CCO (chief creative/cake officer) Zoë’s favourite number? And one lucky customer won a free car! We’re generous like that.

Welp, it’s our birthday month again so we decided to check in with our winner - the lovely Tania - and see how she’s feeling one year on from winning the new whip. 

Can you remind everyone (read: make us jealous once more) exactly what it is you won on Go-To’s 8th Birthday? 

I won a car! A real car! The whole thing! Specifically, a Toyota Yaris Cross with $5000 in Ampol fuel vouchers and one of every Go-To product packed neatly in the boot. 

Meeting Zöe Foster Blake was a prize in itself for me personally (huge fan). Refer to Insta Reel / TikTok video (here) for my dramatic reaction. 

I can imagine you were in a bit of shock at the dealership. How did you feel after the drive home, popping the keys in your purse?

Driving home from the dealership was an unreal experience. My family was calling to see if the prize was legitimate. No one actually believed it was real. I spent ages in the car once we arrived home playing around with the cool technology and soaking up that new car smell. A year on and it’s still referred to as ‘mummy’s new car’. 

How has this prize helped you and your young family over the past 12 months?

So much. My kids love riding in it; they have their own set of car seats in the back too. 

The car itself is really economical, we’ve saved so much on petrol which I’m so thankful for, and I’ve discovered how reliable a Toyota really is. I feel so comfortable and so safe driving my family around in it.

So, what’s the speedo reading currently? 100,000 kms or more, surely!

The car gets a good work out, but you’ll have to ask the hubby for those details. It is coming up to its 1st birthday, so I guess I’ll have to work it out for the first service.

And with that punny ‘I go-to get away’ entry, what’s the best place you’ve taken the Toyota in the last year? Give us all the roadtrip deets!

Apart from lovely day trips to the beach, the best place we’ve road tripped to was the South Coast. It was Berry nice grabbing lunch at Milkwood Bakery, dessert at the iconic Donut Van and exploring the walking tracks throughout Nowra. Shoalhaven Zoo was also a highlight for the kiddies too! 

Now onto the skincare. We armed you with enough product to produce megawatt glow. Can you walk us through your current AM and PM routine? 

Ah yes, the all important skincare! My morning routine consists of a quick cleanse followed by Much Brighter Skin and a generous amount of Nifty Fifty. I work outdoors a lot, so having that all in one SPF is a life saver for me. 

In the evening Properly Clean washes away the days’ buildup - Swipeys every few days. After cleansing it’s the non-negotiable holy trinity of Much Plumper Skin, Face Hero and Very Useful Face Cream. Then Sunday is mask day!

Was there a Go-To product you were gifted, and yet to try, but now use religiously?

I’m a self-confessed go-to obsessive. I had all the products (and restock regularly). But this top-up was very welcome in my bathroom cabinet. 

Much Plumper Skin was the new release product at the time so it was nice to have that in my hot little hands. And as you can see it’s been added to the daily routine. 

For any friends in your life still umming and ahhing about joining the Go-To community, what would you tell them? 

I’ve been using Go-To for almost nine years. Well before they gifted me a car! So the proof is in the pudding. The products do exactly what they promise.