A Very Luxe Evening Routine (Courtesy Of Zoë)

A Very Luxe Evening Routine (Courtesy Of Zoë)

Very Luxe Face Cream: a morning moisture hit, a nourishing night cream (maybe, both!). But in this instance we’re going to focus on the latter. How it fits into your evening routine.

There’s just something so cup-filling about applying a really yummy cream right before bed. Waking up glowy. Looking well rested. Feeling like you’ve got your life together. Especially when said ‘yummy cream’ is clinically proven to enhance firmness, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and fight signs of dehydration.

Your skincare routine is so personal, one that should be tailored to the wants and needs of your skin only (which is vastly different from say, your best mate’s or your barista’s). But if you feel you fall in the camp of mature or thirsty or dry faces like our founder Zoë, then let her shiny new evening routine serve some serious skinspiration:

1. Cleansing Oil: Fancy Face

“First step for me and my nightly skincare routine is Fancy Face, our nourishing oil cleanser. It’s full of camellia oil, it’s really really good at removing SPF, makeup, and everything [dirt and grime] that happens throughout the day. It’s going to get in and remove build up in a deep but gentle way.”

2. Face Wash: Properly Clean

“Next I go straight onto Properly Clean, our very bestselling mousse cleanser. This is just going to get rid of anything that happens to be remaining after your oil cleanser - which shouldn’t be much.”

3. Face Mist: Prep Step 

“For best results before applying hyaluronic acid you need to make sure your skin is damp. Prep Step helps with the efficacy and absorption of any serums that follow.”

4. Hydrating Serum: Much Plumper Skin

“This has helped tremendously in terms of my skin plumpness, lines around my eyes, smile lines, and overall just juiciness. (Skin stops at your boobs too, so take these guys all the way down.)”

5. Face Oil: Face Hero

“Once the skin is dry I’m going to go in with Face Hero, our bestselling hug in a bottle. This is what you turn to whenever your skin is unhappy or dry or bitchy or upset. I use it everyday. Twice a day. Cannot imagine life without it. It’s restorative, it’s calming, it’s full of beautiful antioxidants and it just adds bounce and replenishment. Make sure you really massage and push this one into the skin (pushing tries not to upset what you just rubbed on the face - but there’s no hard and fast rule)." 

6. Rich Face Cream: Very Luxe Face Cream 

“Now the exciting bit. This is where I would’ve previously used Very Useful Face Cream but I’ve upgraded to Very Luxe Face Cream. This is full of (three types of!) ceramides, collagen, and pink algae. It’s proven to increase firmness and elasticity. Overall my skin now looks healthier and happier. What you’ll find is it sinks in really fast and is excellent under makeup. It’s so nourishing. It’s just gorgeous. It’s changed my skin, it really really has.

That top layer [Very Luxe Face Cream], that beautiful mix of deep humectants and hydrators is now acting as a ‘lid’ to just sink in and stop everything else from leaving, essentially.

And that’s it. That’s my nightly routine!”

*If I exfoliate, that happens after cleansing.

**If I use retinol, ditto. (On dry skin.)

***If I am doing it express: face wash, serum, oil, cream.

****If I am doing it upside down: I might be in space.

Very Luxe Face Cream might work for you as a seasonal, winter only moisturiser. You might love it so much it’s your new night cream, like Zoë. Or you might switch up your moisturiser entirely to lather this on the skin morning and night. Have a play. See how your skin feels.

Very Luxe Face Cream Face Go-To Skincare
50 ML / 1.7 FL OZ

Very Luxe Face Cream

Deeply Replenishing Moisturiser

A deeply replenishing moisturiser designed to make your skin feel firmer, smoother, plumper. Formulated with ceramides and humectants to support skin barrier function and fight signs of dehydration, and vegan collagen to help minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin elasticity.