5 Really Easy Ways To Elevate Your Skincare Routine

5 Really Easy Ways To Elevate Your Skincare Routine

Skin can sometimes be a fickle frog and caring for it can be so much harder than necessary. Seasons change, hormones fluctuate but following these five rules will grant you the calmest, happiest, healthiest skin of your whole life. 

Wash Your Hands

Never assume that by cleansing the skin you’ll also be ridding your mitts of any crumpet residue or handrail remains. You want your hands to be as clean as can be before they make their way onto your cheeks, otherwise you risk driving dirt and bacteria deeper into the pores. A solid 20 second hand lather pre-routine is going to eliminate the potential for bacteria transfer, which we know can result in breakouts or infection. We’re in the business of removing grime, not adding to it.

Patch Test First 

Even if you have the most amazing products ever (you do) it’s important to patch test before you slather new serums or creams all over your face. You want to make sure your skin type and skin concerns are most compatible with the formula - ingredients, strength etc. By applying first to a small, covered area of the skin you can see if you react positively or negatively to the new product. 

Layer Correctly

The order you layer your skincare is very dependent on the products you’re using, but as a general rule of face: work from most active to least active, and thinnest to thickest. This is going to allow each product to absorb completely, and deeply, for maximum results. 

Especially when we’re talking about chemical exfoliation, because coming in too quickly with another product might neutralise these acids and limit their effectiveness. 

You want to be wary of any potential ingredient clashes in your lineup too. 

Be Patient

Wait 60 seconds between layers (longer if you’re feeling generous) to allow each product to properly absorb into the skin, and therefore maximise effectiveness. This is also going to put a stop to pilling. 

If you’re someone who’s a bit more willy-nilly with their morning routine and hasn’t planned ahead/snoozed their alarm, you can get things done in between. Brew your coffee! Make your lunch! Hang out the washing! 

Have Fun

Use products that you love the smell, feel, look of! You’re going to use them everyday (twice, preferably) so why not enjoy every facet of taking care of yourself. 

Dull skin? Never heard of her.