3 Reasons To Pick Up A Face Mist

3 Reasons To Pick Up A Face Mist

Do face mists actually do anything for your skin? They definitely look calming (especially on a hot day) and they’re sure to make an appearance in a complicated skincare routine video you might stumble across online. But does this make them worth the extra step? Let’s break down all the benefits of spritzing your face and exactly when in your routine you should be doing it.

They help your other skincare products work more effectively

Your skin is a barrier, designed to keep the bad stuff out and the good stuff in. This is bad news for your skincare, as it can be difficult for all those amazing ingredients to get where they need to go in order to work their magic. This is where your face mist comes to the rescue! Damp skin is more permeable, which means it is easier for products to penetrate this barrier without damaging it. By misting your face before applying your serums, and by misting between steps in your routine, you’re enhancing each products effectiveness.

You’ll have plumper, more hydrated skin

Applying a face mist offers your skin an extra dose of hydration. Not only do mists contain hydrating ingredients themselves, but they accelerate the hydration power of your other serums and moisturisers. Humectants, like hyaluronic acid, are molecules that bind to water and draw them in to the layers of your skin. These humectants are greedy for water, so if there isn’t enough moisture in the air or on your skin, they can pull the hydration out of the deeper layers of your skin. When you apply a face mist, you’re adding a light layer of moisture for these types of ingredients to grab on to instead, leaving you with a super hydrated face.

Hydration without the heavy feeling

One of the best parts of using a face mist is that they’re perfect for all skin types. If you’re on the oily side, the idea of layering lots of thick, hydrating products on top of each other might seem like a nightmare, but it’s still essential to give your face enough moisture. In fact, oily skin can still become dehydrated, which sends signals to the skin to start producing even more oil to compensate. A mist is a lightweight alternative to thicker moisturising serums, only it doesn’t feel heavy on the face. One of the best ways to use a mist is after cleansing, but before serums. You can choose to do this once or to do a light spray between each step in your routine for added benefits. They’re also great at refreshing your skin and makeup throughout the day, so keep one in your handbag and use as needed. 

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