The Skincare Habits That Olympian, Genevieve Gregson, Swears By

The Skincare Habits That Olympian, Genevieve Gregson, Swears By

Ever wondered how an Olympic athlete carves out time in their day/week/rigorous training regime to practice self-care? Us too! Which is why we picked apart the beauty-loving brains of Genevieve Gregson; Australian steeplechase competitor and committed bubble bath haver-er. 

Introduce yourself! Tell us who you are and what keeps you busy. 

My name is Gen, I’m a three-time Olympic runner, Australian record holder, and most importantly a new mum to my beautiful baby boy Archer. 

Tell us a little bit about your relationship with beauty and skincare. 

From a young age I had very dry and irritated skin. My dad is a pharmacist and always tried different products to help keep my skin as healthy and protected as can be. Now, as an adult and active mum, I am very picky when it comes to my skincare routine. 

Talk us through your current morning skincare routine. 

I stick with Go-To’s Skincare range as it protects and nourishes my sensitive skin. Due to my job as a distance runner, I am always targeting hydration for my skin; so I regularly start with Prep Step followed by Much Plumper Skin serum. Depending on what I have on for the day, I will follow with Face Hero and Very Useful Face Cream or Nifty Fifty

How does your beauty routine change on and off the track? 

When preparing for a training session or race, I base my skin with Prep Step and Much Plumper Skin. I will then use Very Useful Face Cream before applying my ‘race makeup’ which is much lighter than my ‘going out makeup’. For social occasions I will keep my base the same, but apply Face Hero before my foundation for a bit more moisture and to protect my skin.  

What lessons have you learnt when it comes to looking after your skin while training?  

Hydration is key! I try to drink a lot of water since I am sweating all day long, but pairing that with a nourishing and soothing skincare routine makes for the perfect combo. 

You’re a new mum (Congratulations!), how do you find ‘me-time’ with a new family member in tow? 

Even though exercising is my job, it is also my meditation. Running by the water, following the coastline, or a beautiful bush trail is my perfect me-time.

What are your favourite self-care rituals? 

Soaking in a warm bubble bath with The Repair Shop face mask on, and scented candles burning. If I can do this once a week or even once a fortnight I’m doing well! 

What’s your go-to product for appearing like you had a full night’s sleep? 

Prep Step and Much Plumper Skin are typically what feed my skin back to life after a long night feeding Archer.

What’s the best piece of beauty advice you ever (or never) received? 

When I turned 25 my mum told me I needed to begin a skincare routine to protect my youth. I haven’t missed my morning skincare routine since!