How The Repair Shop Will Benefit Your Skin Type

How The Repair Shop Will Benefit Your Skin Type

The big world of skincare be overwhelming at times. The new products! Buzzy ingredients! It can be a lot!

Go-To was made to take the confusion out of skincare. And since we (last year) dropped a new product with some buzzy hard-working ingredients, we want to break it all down and explain exactly how it'll work with your routine and benefit your skin type. So! Here's exactly what The Repair Shop will do for you.

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Dry Skin

If your skin type is dry and you’ve always lacked oil, you probably already know the importance of stacking your routine with lovely, replenishing products. The Repair Shop is an excellent addition to any dry skin routine; loaded with powerhouse moisturisers like ceramides to deeply replenish, and water-drawing humectants to hydrate and plump, as well as nourishing oils that replenish and restore. In other words: It will make up for all the moisture that your skin doesn’t produce naturally and act as a big drink of water for thirsty or flaky skin.

Sensitive or Damaged

As a barrier repair mask, The Repair Shop was formulated with a combination of gentle, effective skin saviours. Avocado oil, vitamin e, and buriti oil help revive even the most irritated of skins. You can think of The Repair Shop as an IV drip for irritated, sensitive, or damaged skin. A replenishing repair mask made to rescue, revive, and repair cranky complexions that went a little too hard on the retinol and need a lot of extra love.


As we get older, our skin changes. Of course it does! Collagen production slows down, and things tend to become drier, thinner, and less plump. When this happens, you may find that you need a little extra help and a lot of TLC.

The ceramides, vitamin e, and buriti oil in The Repair Shop will answer the call. Use it weekly (at least!) or whenever you need an extra hit of hydration and nourishment.


A ceramide repair mask like The Repair Shop is a genius way to plump and soothe the dry areas on your face, and help give some extra hydration to the oily spots too. (A combo skin-haver’s dream!)

We know what you’re thinking. Hydration? On oily areas? I don’t need it. But remember: Just because your skin is oily, doesn’t mean it isn’t dehydrated. In fact, lots of combination or oily skin-havers wind up with extremely dehydrated skin because they assume they can slack off in the moisturising department. Avoid making the same mistakes and ensure your skin is lovely and moisturised all over with a regular nourishing facial.

Oily or Acne-Prone

As mentioned above, incorporating a nourishing barrier repair mask into your weekly skin routine is a clever way to avoid dehydration, give the skin a serious hit of moisture, and help strengthen your skin's moisture barrier long-term. (Important because an unhappy skin barrier often results in breakouts and ouchy, irritated skin. Something you certainly want to avoid.)
Likewise, acne-prone skin needs hydration and nourishment too. And some oils (ahem, like those found in The Repair Shop) can be wonderfully balancing for oily or acneic skin, as they work to replenish and regulate the good oils your skin produces, rather than adding more oil. As with any new product, patch test first!


The delightful thing about hormonal skin is that it can strike in aaaany number of ways. Maybe your skin gets a little dull or breakout-y when you’re on your period, maybe you’re going through menopause and your face is starting to feel dry, tight, or uncomfortable, or maybe you’re pregnant (congrats!) and it’s just gone totally haywire. Whatever the case, hormonal skin will seriously appreciate an extra gentle hit of nourishment. The Repair Shop will soothe, calm and restore faces in the middle of a hormonal tantrum.


It won’t help with this at all. May we suggest a Tim Tam (or nine), instead?

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The Repair Shop

Nourishing Repair Mask

A nourishing barrier repair mask, made specifically to rescue, soothe, and restore that beautiful face of yours, fast. The Repair Shop delivers soft, plump and radiant skin in just 10 minutes.