The Low-Down On Go-To’s Sustainability Journey

The Low-Down On Go-To’s Sustainability Journey

In 2022 the Go-To Gang had a makeover. A sustainable makeover. (No your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you, we did unveil a fresh new shade of peach and an exquisite new font.) 

Our skin-loving essentials made the switch from virgin plastic to PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) packaging. And while it might appear like these changes popped up overnight, this was - and still is - a project that’s been quietly in the works for many years. 

Just like you, as consumers, we as a business are trying our best to be as eco-conscious as possible. But the safety and quality of our products remains the top priority. And that means incorporating elements like springs and pistons and caps which aren’t (yet!) recyclable. 

We want to run you through some of the changes made, and those on the horizon, so you know exactly what to expect when purchasing your peachy favourites.

How Our Packaging Has Changed and Why

Sustainability has long been a key focus and core pillar for us at Go-To. In recent years, we’ve made significant changes to honour this, like: becoming (and continuing to operate as) carbon neutral, partnering with Reforest Now to protect and regenerate Australian forests, and shifting our product range to be 100% Australian Made. 

We’ve limited excess packaging within our shippers, made the switch to cardboard lo-fi eco boxes, and so re-evaluating our product packaging and incorporating sustainable materials was an important and natural next step to continue to do our bit.

After a looooong process of researching and testing the available options (our Group Product Manager goes into detail on all of that right here), our team landed on PCR as the way forward for all future Go-To products. 

In September 2021, Much Brighter Skin launched as our first Go-To product made with PCR, and now the rest of the range has received the same sustainable treatment. (Except Face Hero, Much Plumper Skin and Very Luxe Face Cream, of course, which are all made of glass.)

What Actually Is PCR?

Short for Post-Consumer Recycled/Resin (PCR), refers to a type of packaging that is made up of the plastic items that you toss in your kerbside recycling bin each week. It’s then sorted, extensively cleaned and tested, and used to make new products. How clever-er.

All Go-To tubes are made from 30% PIR (post industrial recycled, slightly different to PCR this product is made from industry waste, not consumer waste) which is more than double the 10% new industry goal for soft plastics as advised by the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation. Huge snaps for Very Useful Face Cream, The Removalist, The Repair Shop, Super Handy, Skin Party, Shower Party, and Lips. 

A few Go-To bottles are similarly made from 30% PCR, again trumping the APCO target of 15% for packaging made from PP (polypropylene). Big claps for Nifty Fifty, Prep Step and Much Brighter Skin.

Some Go-To bottles are made from 100% rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) which far exceeds the APCO benchmark of 30% for this particular style of plastic. Celebratory cupcakes needed for Oil Over, Fancy Face, Exfoliating Swipeys, Very Lightweight Moisturiser, and all three Exfoliating Toners. 

Other Go-To bottles are made from 100% rHDPE (recycled high density polyethylene). Above and beyond the recycled packaging blend of many other beauty brands. We think a pizza party is in order for Properly Clean and Shower Party.

Is Refillable Beauty Just As Good For The Planet?

Yep. For sure. By purchasing refill tubs and pouches you are reducing the amount of virgin plastic being made, shipped, used, and tossed in landfill.

Our Very Lightweight Moisturiser refill tubs are made with a whopping 80% PCR. We anticipate reducing the amount of plastic jars made in a year by over 1500kg, if you moisturising maniacs replace the product only, and not the entire jar. 

Our Properly Clean refill pouches are just as impressive, made with 80% less plastic, but unfortunately no PCR make up. We’re working with our supplier to create a pouch that will be made from 30% PCR in the (very near) future. But for now, we’re stoked with the fact that for every 10,000 reused Properly Clean bottles and pumps, that’s another 500kgs of plastic saved from production. Every bit counts. 

Our Very Lightweight Moisturiser refill tubs and Properly Clean refill pouches (along with a few other tricky-to-recycle products from the Go-To range: Much Brighter Skin, Nifty Fifty, pumps from Prep Step, Fancy Face, Oil Over and Shower Party) can be recycled via Terracycle. Find these fabulous bins in-store at MECCA, otherwise, use their website to pinpoint the closest public drop-off to you.

What's Next For Sustainability At Go-To?

New technologies are becoming available all the time, and we’re constantly working with our manufacturers to ensure that the products we make/you love are as good for the environment as they are for your face.

We’re enormously proud of the changes we’ve made so far, but rest assured, there’s plenty more to come. We're excited for the future and we'll continue to review, research and reevaluate the best ways to limit our impact by reducing, reusing and recycling. Promise.