An Effective Summer Skincare Routine For Reactive Skin

An Effective Summer Skincare Routine For Reactive Skin

Get Up And Go invites clever, fun, delightful members of our Go-To community to take us with them on their morning routine, sharing their go-to tips, products, and favourite pancake toppings as they go. Today, we’re getting up with co-founder of Ultra Violette, Ava Chandler Matthews.

The Life Stuff

“I am Ava Chandler-Matthews, carb fanatic, recent dog mum, and the co-founder of SPF brand, Ultra Violette. My co-founder, Bec Jefferd, and I are still running the business (and our small team) as we expand globally and are very actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the brand. It’s been the best thing I’ve ever done!

[A typical morning] involves my husband opening all the blinds at some ungodly hour (usually 7.20am), spooning the dog, drinking half a litre of water, taking my probiotics, and hopefully doing some sort of movement if I can be bothered. Ideally, this all happens before I’ve left the bed. I hate the heat, so my temperature-controlled bedroom is my summer happy place; I try to do as much from here as is humanly possible.

I’m not a huge ritual person. I would like to get back into meditation but it hasn’t happened yet. I know if I am going to exercise, it really needs to happen first thing or it probably won’t happen at all. I’ve also gotten into dry brushing and really cold showers which I love. My skin has been a bit itchy and reactive of late so I’m finding the cool water helps and makes me feel awake and alive.”

The Beauty Stuff

“My skin type fluctuates. I was pretty normal-dry but recently I’ve become more reactive and have some perioral dermatitis around my nose that’s really annoying me as well as some eczema on my neck. My concerns are pretty typical of someone my age: Hydration, glow, youth. Not that much to ask, I don’t think!

I used to use about six things in the AM but I’ve become pretty lo-fi in my older age. I don’t wash my face so I splash my face with cold water. Then I’ll use a vitamin c serum (I use both Skinceuticals CE Ferulic and Go-To Much Brighter Skin) and follow with a hydrating face cream like Go-To Very Useful Face Cream or the Aspect Phytostat.

Next is SPF which is the cornerstone of my routine. I use either Queen Screen or Clean Screen pending how my skin is on that day. I like the weightless feeling of Clean if my skin is particularly itchy.

As for makeup, I don’t wear a huge amount. I’ll often tend to do more of a bright lip in summer with more minimal makeup on the face: Our tinted SPF Dream Screen and then maybe a bit of bronzer, a cream blush, and something to keep my brows looking full and in place. I like cream formulations as they make you look a lot glowier but tend to melt off your face a bit more so I will use more powders in Summer.

I trained my hair to only require washing once per week during lockdown and it’s pretty manageable. I went through a phase of weekly blow dries which I expect to resume in the new year.”