6 Ways To Balance Combination Skin

6 Ways To Balance Combination Skin

If combo skin had a star sign it would definitely be a libra. It’s indecisive (Is it oily? It is dry? Who knows! Let’s go with both!) and constantly demands balance from everyone in its orbit. 

Finding that sweet spot can be difficult to say the least, so don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t mastered the balancing act just yet. We’re here to help with six simple ways to bring balance to your skincare routine and one simple way to master the balance beam at the gym (watch Stick It again).

Maximise Your Masking
Get the most out of your at-home facial and treat both sides of your skin. Schedule a mask night into your routine once or twice a week to give your skin an extra serve of nourishment and to regulate excess oil. You can apply your masks in two separate layers or multi-mask and apply them at the same time by using seperate products on the seperate zones (i.e. a hydrating repair mask for the drier areas - the cheeks and outside areas of your face - and a clearing clay mask for the oilier spots - your t-zone!) 

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Opt For Lightweight Products

When picking your everyday skin routine, it can be beneficial to reach for lightweight products that won’t risk overwhelming your oilier spots, instead of heavier occlusives that might be too much for your skin. This doesn't mean you have to sacrifice hydration, either. Many oil-free formulas are formulated with heavyweight humectants that ensure your skin will still get all the hydration it needs; which is key for combination skin so the dry areas aren’t being overlooked.

Tweak Your Routine Seasonally
As the environment changes, it can be beneficial to change up your skincare routine, too. We’re not saying you need to do a complete overhaul, but adding in a hydration booster (such as a or switching out a heavier face cream for something water-based with a gel texture. Want a detailed guide on seasonal skincare? Head here.

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Look For Oil-Balancing Ingredients
Load up your routine with ingredients that are able to help regulate the excess oil that your combination skin creates. Niacinamide, for example, is a brilliant balancer. It can help to regulate oil production and may help stop the sebaceous glands overproducing oil. Clever-er.

Go Easy With Exfoliators
For the love of smooth skin, please don’t hit the exfoliants too hard. It can be tempting, we know, but this is most definitely a case where a little restraint will give you better results. Everyone’s skin will be different but on average exfoliating two-three times a week will be more than enough to give your skin a real thorough clear out, remove any build up or excess oil, without risking irritation or further drying out your skin.

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Don’t Forget Oily Skin Needs Hydration Too
The excess oil on your skin is not the same thing as the moisture you get from skincare products. All skin types (even combination and oily) need hydration in their routine. This keep your moisture barrier strong, it plumps up fine lines, it can help regulate oil production, and leave your skin wonderfully supple and smooth.