A Simple Travel Beauty Routine For Fresh, Glowing Skin

Megan Kelly
Less than 3 minutes / June 10, 2021
A Simple Travel Beauty Routine For Fresh, Glowing Skin

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All this holiday talk has got us daydreaming about Holiday Skin and what the perfect simple beauty routine is. To get you in the spirit too, here’s our top holiday beauty picks.

(Important! These products may also be used at home, in the event that you don’t win and still want to feel like you’re on holiday.)

The Must-Haves For Your Holiday Beauty Bag:

An SPF You’ll Want To Wear (And Reapply)
Does this go without saying? Maybe. Will that stop me? No! SPF is of course an everyday essential, but on holidays it’s more likely that you’ll be outside for extended periods of time. As a result you’re going to need to stay on top of your application and replication to prevent any sun damage. Ultimately your dream formula will depend on your skin type and product preferences, just be sure to pick something high-strength (SPF 50 please), waterproof (for long walks where you may be sweating), and that has broad spectrum protection (to defend against UVA and UVB damage).

A Trusty Vitamin C Serum
Vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant so this is by no means a Holiday Only Product, but while you’re upping your SPF application to keep you covered for long days at the beach, your vitamin c will support your SPF, by neutralising any free radical damage. Vitamin C is also incredible for brightening skin, which is perfect to get that glowy, holiday, I-woke-up-like-this skin.

A Multi-Purpose Tinted Balm
The name of the game for holiday makeup is minimal effort, max impact. Enter: Multi-purpose tinted balms. Typically these can be used on lips and cheeks (some are also safe to use on eyes!) and applied with your fingers (which means you can leave your brushes at home) (or in other words: more space in your suitcase for shoes). Ilia’s Colour Haze Multi-Matte Pigment is perfect for this. (The shade Waking Up is my personal favourite.) As is Nars The Multiple.

A Lash Lift & Tint
This one isn’t so much for your beauty bag as it is for your beauty prep. Tinting your lashes (and brows) is a genius way to simplify your beauty routine while you’re away. It means you don’t have to worry about packaging mascara or brow products (even more space for shoes) and that your eyes are already nice and defined as soon as you wake up.

Note! If you’re a fan of extra volume in your lashes, eyelash extensions could be worth looking into instead.

A Holiday Scent
Packing a perfume just for your holiday is a great way to freshen up your routine while you’re away. Bonus: Whenever you wear that scent at home you’ll be reminded of your holiday.

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