How To Make Your Summer Fragrance Last Longer

How To Make Your Summer Fragrance Last Longer

We know what it takes to find your signature scent (sniffing sooo many that you can no longer differentiate jasmine from Nutella), so when you finally commit to making that purchase, you want those smells delicious-y notes to really stick around. 

Is there a ‘science’ to ensuring your perfume lasts all day and all night? Kinda sorta. 

Start with hydrated skin

Dry skin doesn’t hold scent well, in case you needed another motive to moisturise regularly throughout the summer months. Natural and essential oils present in hydrated skin give your fragrance something to cling to and build on. 

Whether you opt for a body lotion, body oil, or body milk, make sure to lather on your limbs before applying perfume and watch that scent linger for longer. 

Cover all bases

If you haven’t been spritzing directly on your pulse points, what have you been doing? Your neck, wrists, behind the knees, the bend of your elbows, this is where blood pumps closest to the surface, emitting more heat, which helps the fragrance to further develop. 

But don’t you dare rub those wrists together! Ditch this habit, stat! You’re only dulling down top notes of the fragrance and more forcefully combining perfume with natural oils; potentially changing the way it smells (and how long it lasts) on the skin. 

Hair is also a great carrier for scent. A light spray will sit on those strands for hours and keep heads/noses turning, in a good way, when you hit the dance floor. 

Make the most of your minis

We don’t want to put too much pressure on our perfume to last from sunrise to sunset. In the same way we all need a handful of Mint Slice’s to get through the afternoon, our perfume could do with a lil’ top up. This is where those (extremely underrated) complementary, handbag-friendly minis come in handy. 

Store your scents properly

Got those beautiful bottles on display in the bathroom, or bedroom? Time to rethink! Perfume needs to be stored in a cool, dry place, as heat (steam, sunlight) can cause the scent to break down and become a little lacklustre. Popping them in the fridge makes for a refreshing step in your morning beauty routine throughout the warmer months too. 

Make scents?! We thought so.