My Self-Proclaimed A+ September R.E.P.O.R.T Card

My Self-Proclaimed A+ September R.E.P.O.R.T Card

I’m (way) more of a words person than I am a behind-the-camera person. But I love a personal recommendation as much as Joe Blow, so bear with me while I turn TikTok’s new r.e.p.o.r.t-ing trend into something you can revisit for inspo again and again. 

The first month of spring, for me, has gone a lil’ like this:


This novel was cropping up in book clubs all over my socials. The reviews, the plot (the cover!) had me bee lining it to Dymocks the first chance I got. If you’re someone who falls for characters, hard, and turns that last page feeling like you’ve just gained and lost a new friend, Big Swiss by Jen Beagin won’t disappoint. 

@camerongib behind Slaggy Book Club hit the nail on the head with her review: “This sexy queer weirdo book is perfectly ‘what the fuck?’”. And we’ve already got a TV series in production with Jodie Comer as our slightly unhinged protagonist named Greta. We need a release date for that, now!


Two of my greatest loves - gin and fresh pasta - publicly joined forced this month and the finished product is *chefs kiss*. Four Pillars has created a gin-spiked pasta sauce in partnership with Ciao Fabbrica, combining the ever-popular Olive Leaf Gin with fresh tomatoes and onion and garlic. 

I was hesitant at first, worried the botanicals would be lost, but boy is this sauce punchy. (And, arguably, a level up from old mate: spicy vodka…) The notes of olive really pull through. Stir this limited edition sauce through your pasta with a dollop of butter, and lashing of fresh parmesan shaved on top. Thank me later. 


Which is pretty much a synonym for streaming…right? Cool. So now we can talk about how Sex Education never disappoints. After patiently waiting for class to resume, the fourth (and final) season dropped on September 21 and now I have something warm and witty to watch at night. 

Many of our favourite Moordale High faces return to the screen: Asa Butterfield (Otis), Ncuti Gatwa (Eric), Aimee Lou Wood (Aimee), Emma Mackey (Maeve Wiley). More than a few of them fresh off the blockbuster Barbie set, and the acting has only gotten better. You’ll cringe, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll realise your teen experience wasn’t special at all, that’s just puberty.  


My new favourite pilates/barre/yoga studio: Scout. With outposts in St Peters and Marrickville (the reception space here doubling as a cafe and organic grocer for that post-workout fuel) the brand is much less focused on your physique than it is total body wellness, hosting courses and seminars and clay making sessions after hours. Scout has a real community feel. 

The studio aesthetic is unmatched, the instructors are so kind, and you’re welcome to pour a hot cuppa tea while waiting for your class to start (a godsend if, like me, you rolled out of bed to make it to the 6:30am session). Scout has made exercise so much more enjoyable. Highly recommend! 


A social account as recommended to me by my boyfriend Joe (he’s actually called Joe, not to be confused with my previous mention of the universal Joe Blow). @secondzau is the new IG account releasing daily ‘episodes’ with well known restaurateurs, chefs, and bartenders across Sydney and Melbourne (so far). 

In super short and sweet snippets they share their favourite restaurants, go-to pubs, daily coffee stops, and any venues flying under the radar. Such great dining inspo. Ticking all the boxes for date night planning, after work drinks, and weekend hot girl walks with coffee in hand. Check it out. 


Just a touch of retail therapy this month. Otherwise saving for the holiday season ahead, and a few potential travel plans in the new year. I snatched up some of the really chic new apparel from Status Anxiety. Basics reimagined with really cool silhouettes, and super comfy material. 

Another newbie (for me) is Minima Esenciales. I often shied away from this brand because it looked quite monotone but after trawling The Iconic, I managed to find some maxi dresses in electric blues and super bold prints. A few statement pieces for summer and I’m sorted.