Quiet Quitting Is Coming For Your Skincare Routine

Quiet Quitting Is Coming For Your Skincare Routine

You might’ve seen this term floating about on social media for the better half of 2022, but we’ve just been alerted that the TikTok born trend is officially coming for your skincare routine. Perfectly timed might we add, if you want to reset with the turn of the new year and truly get back to basics. 

The term itself can be narrowed down to an internet phenomenon, the concept of ‘quiet quitting’ isn’t bad. From a job perspective (where all this originated) it means to stick to the responsibilities of your title, nothing more, nothing less, breezing by to create the best work life balance possible. Apply it to your skincare routine and what you’ve got is a very humble evolution of 2021’s skinimalism trend. 

Taking things back to basics is a really good way of helping your skin to strengthen and repair itself. Especially during a season filled with hot temps, heaps of sunscreen, and Mary Poppins style cheese platters. Returning to a very simple and effective three step routine allows you to figure out what works for your skin, what it truly needs, before introducing (if you choose to) those more potent actives. Think AHAs, hyaluronic, retinol. 

Super hydrating serums and glow boosting oils can be great, but when overused or implemented in your routine incorrectly, they can actually wreak havoc on your moisture barrier. That’s when you’re introducing the potential for inflammation, irritation, sensitised skin. Focus on the fundamentals, the OGs, the ‘simple’ products that ruled the 90s, and that will help get you back to a nice nourished face. 

So which steps do you really need? 

  1. Cleanse: Remove grime and buildup to properly clean the skin. 
  2. Hydrate: Find a hydrating serum or rich moisturiser to deeply quench the skin. (Or both if it’s the evening, then skip step three while you and the sun are sleeping.)
  3. Protect: Sunscreen. Everyday. Protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays. 

For a more in depth take on building the best basic skincare routine for you, sink your teeth into this helpful Go-To how-to

The low key life might just serve you very well. Quit while you’re ahead!!