Reflecting On Motherhood Inside Go-To HQ

Reflecting On Motherhood Inside Go-To HQ

Walk into Go-To HQ right now, and we could very well be mistaken for a maternity ward. There are seven (!) buns in the oven, which means pastel cupcakes are on very high rotation in the kitchen. 

But aside from the bubs en route, this female-founded, female-owned, majority female workplace has always been very empowering of women who assume the primary caretaker/homemaker role.

There are Mums in many forms at Go-To. And to honour how they are feeling (distraught, dishevelled, loved-up, about-to-pop, or otherwise) we decided to touch base and ask exactly what it is they are reflecting on this coming Mother’s Day.

Bella, Brand Manager

Omg! I’m pregnant! With my first ever baby. I’m so grateful! So happy! SO hungry. I’ll be waddling into the third trimester come May 12, and bursting at the seams with excitement to meet the tiny little squish who’s been doing backflips in my belly. I think all any mum could ever hope for is a healthy, happy baby - that’s what I’ll be dreaming of this Mother’s Day (and maybe a sponsorship deal with Quick-Eze). 

Lil, Digital Content Manager

Last Mother’s Day I had a three-month-old and I literally had no idea what I was doing and where my pants were, let alone how to ‘be a mum’. For my second Mother’s Day I’m just looking forward to celebrating (surviving) the last year and being with my little person who can help me find my pants now.

Andrea, Digital & Ecommerce 

About this time last year, I had just returned to the office after being on maternity leave with my first baby. One year on, as we’re all feeling pretty settled, we’ve decided to spice things up a bit by moving our family halfway across the world. How fun! (Not). 

So as I sit in my house (hopefully on our sofa, maybe on the floor) and strangers from Facebook marketplace come to collect all the bits we’re not shipping, I’ll be thinking about how becoming a mum really puts things in perspective. It’s a cliché for a reason: once we saw our daughter with her grandparents, her aunties and uncles, the decision was made for us, we had to move back! 

So here we are, packing everything up and getting ready for another 24-hour flight of hell (although this time we have an iPad, headphones and Bluey to help. And zero shame). 

Leonie, Chief Marketing Officer

Mother’s Day has changed so much for me over the last (nearly) three decades of motherhood. I feel a little sad reminiscing about the preschool macaroni-jewellery years and how fast they have flown by, but at the same time, I am excited to spend quality time with my three kind, clever and funny kids who are all in their 20s. Now that they have flown the coop, I relish the opportunity to sit down and share a meal, have a drink; and Mother’s Day means their company is non-negotiable. 

It’s one day in the year that I truly stop and allow myself the time to think ‘gosh I am so lucky’. For the amazing female role models in my life too: my super supportive mum, and a mother-in-law I adore. I am so thankful for their influence. 

Aoife, Regulatory & Compliance Manager 

On May 12th I will be inhaling a divine newborn (my third!) or sitting with my (very swollen) feet up, awaiting their imminent arrival. My own Mum is visiting from overseas so we will be together on Mother’s Day for the first time in more than a decade. Special! While we nest in our 3-generations-newborn-love-bubble, we’ll also be remembering my gorgeous sister who we lost to cancer when she was just 23, and reflecting on how difficult a day it can be for those Mums whose babies are no longer here, to whom I am sending lots of love this Mother’s Day.

Jess, Human Resources Manager

Amidst shuttling between my kids' sporting commitments, I'm determined to carve out some time with my wonderful Mum. And despite the hustle, I love the heartfelt cards my kids promised to write (thanks to some gentle reminders) and the extra cuddles from my 6, 11, and 13-year-olds.

Susana, Quality Assurance Manager

Mum-life these days is a huge juggling act, balancing work, my two babies school and sporting activities, and just generally keeping everyone happy and alive. (I can officially say I am now a soccer and footy mum, watching them achieve their goals is just the best.) 

Despite the chaos and challenges, I wouldn't have it any other way. There is nothing better than to be able to snuggle up with the little ones to wrap up the day.

Kerry, Product Manager 

My babies are no longer babies, they are 20 somethings… They can drive, vote, play Uber for me now, backpack around Europe, drink my wine, (sometimes) vacuum the house and if I’m feeling brave, let them cook dinner. 

To my colleagues at the very start of their motherhood journey I give this cliched but oh so true piece of advice; enjoy every moment because before you know it they will be young adults who find you annoying! Also this; your ability to multitask and take things in your stride will help you when it comes to returning to the workforce so never feel like your career will suffer it won’t; mums are THE best employees!

Anna, Purchasing Officer

After a nearly nine-year stint in the UK, Mother's Day always stirred up a whirlwind of emotions for me, being miles away from my mum in Australia. Since hopping back Down Under, I'm about to join the mum club myself! I feel nervous, and all the excitement as my Husband and I gear up for this epic adventure. Reflecting on it all, I'm just bursting with gratitude for the incredible support of my family, especially knowing my mum will be so close by through this colossal life shift.

Di, Purchasing Officer 

Mother’s Day for me is a beautiful yet emotionally complicated day. I will marvel at how two playful, cheeky munchkins upended our world and exhausted us with boundless curiosity, excitement and energy, before maturing into creative, independent women who are still exploring the world (just without me now). I’ll wonder where the time has gone and I will miss my mum who has been absent for the last 18 years - wondering what she would think of the world now and how we could be celebrating her as a grandmother. We’ll have brunch (or dinner) all together, I’ll call and send messages to sisters, nieces, my mother-in-law, and I’ll spare a thought for those who have lost, those who can’t and those who choose not to. I’m eternally grateful for every minute I have been a mum.