Is Sexy Water The Answer To Supple Skin?

Is Sexy Water The Answer To Supple Skin?

The home of fantastical beverages? TikTok. 

From Dalgona Coffee to Sleepy Girl Mocktails, a new and healthy(ish) obsession has surfaced under the name of: Sexy Water. And it’s uber alluring for anyone who struggles to down plain ol’ H20. 

Also, anyone looking for super supple and hydrated skin. 

As far as we know this craze began with, and was coined by, content creator Kelly Stranick (@kellygracemae). For months now she’s been sharing iterations of sexy water to her humble 81k followers in an attempt to make daily hydration feel less like a chore and more like self-care. 

While it’s not all that revolutionary, adding a flurry of functional mix-ins makes the recommended 6-8 glasses of water feel more achievable. 

So, what is Sexy Water?

It’s a tall glass of water with fruits, vegetables, herbs, and supplements mixed in. The actual ingredients can vary, but the overall goal remains the same. That being, to somewhat “sex up” your morning routine, romanticise hydration, and maximise your water intake. 

If you’ve been keeping up with Kelly, she’s shared a fair few recipes to date. But the original Sexy Water went something like this: filtered water, lemon, cucumber, spearmint, a scoop of colostrum, chlorophyll, lion’s mane, cordyceps and mushroom multivitamins. 

I know what you’re thinking. Who is voluntarily drinking mushroom water? (Kelly, apparently.) And is cocktailing that many ‘health foods’ actually good for you? (Let’s ask an expert.) 

Are there any health benefits?

We all know water is essential for our health - regulating temperature and heart rate, manufacturing hormones, digesting food, flushing out toxins, muscle function, healthy skin. “So, if making your water sexy helps you drink more, stay hydrated, and therefore perform optimally, then that’s a benefit,” explains dietitian and nutritionist, Rebecca Gawthorne

But! There are some risks. You can make your water too sexy. “If it’s just a bit of fresh fruit, sliced cucumber, or herbs like mint, I wouldn’t be concerned. However there isn’t enough research on some of the other ingredients being added here (like colostrum, chlorophyll, lion’s mane, cordyceps and mushroom multivitamins). Especially what quantities would be safe and effective.” Rebecca goes on to explain that some ingredients added to sexy water may interact with medications you take, some contain minerals that compete for absorption, some might cause gastrointestinal upset. 

In short: There are a lot of variables. 

The funny thing is functional beverages are not new. Yakult, Gatorade, Smart Water. We’ve simply packaged up the concept and slapped on a much cuter label, and voilá, it goes viral.

Rebecca recommends keeping it simple: “A few berries, a slice of orange, some mint, can still make your water look and feel sexy without the potential risks. If you do want to add more or reach for some additional supplements, always clear it with a trusted health professional first.”

Back to skin, that suppleness you mentioned…

Drinking water is not the be-all-and-end-all for seriously dewy or supple skin. That’s a product of your environment and your, uh, products. Making sure they’re gentle and nourishing and tailored to your skin type. 

Any form of H20 you drink is going to help you function optimally each day. But staying well hydrated (sexy water or not) will ensure you avoid any visible signs of dehydration: dullness, loss of elasticity, tightness, dryness, itchiness.