Women We Go To: Meet Zoë!

Women We Go To: Meet Zoë!

The many female faces behind Go-To are goddam great at what they do, keeping the peach cogs turning across formulations, finance, marketing, customer service, so YOU can have happy, healthy skin. So! It’s high time you got a chance to properly meet a few…

Aggressive playlister and self-proclaimed breakfast expert above all else(ish), Zoë is the founder, the mastermind, the overlord of Go-To. Between brainstorming sparkly new peach products to develop, Zo is busy being a mum-of-two, not including the published novels (skincare, romance, flatulence specific) in her repertoire, either. 

What’s one piece of advice you’d give your future self? 

The future? No, no no. The future is now. As Seneca (everyone’s fave Stoic influencer) said, “The whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately.”

How does it make you feel working for/with a predominantly female company like Go-To?

As a female founder, having such high female representation within Go-To makes me feel incredibly proud. We know the product because we use the product, we know the customer because we are the customer, and we understand and appreciate the pressures, and push and pull of life as modern women, so we can help each other through it. But it runs deeper than gender. Everyone here cares. We care about each other, about our community, about what we choose to put into the world, from products to messaging, to customer service, we care about doing good work, and about the impact we are making, and how we can be accountable and feel proud of what we do. Go-To is exactly the company I wish I worked for in my twenties and thirties: supportive, empowering and just so, well, enthusiastic! Enthusiasm - raw, unbridled enthusiasm - is hard to top.

What’s one moment in life, or work, where you felt proud of yourself? 

I feel proud when I am able to help others at times of overwhelm or frustration or confusion. (Be that my five-year-old with her homework, or a friend experiencing heavy health news.) But especially when it comes to other young founders facing the same hurdles and questions I myself felt along the way. I feel lucky to be called upon to listen or offer advice, and nine times out of 10 it just comes down to crystallizing what is really important, (and so often that comes down to understanding and valuing their own worth).

There’s nothing worse than hitting the Go-To lolly jar at 3pm to find there’s only musk sticks left. Can you talk us through another life event that required a bit of gusto to get through?

The event that comes to mind here is definitely giving birth. No, actually, the first six months of my children’s lives: birth is over quickly, but infants are NOT kidding around. Also: how dare you. Musk sticks are an A-class confectionery. 

Professionally speaking, by law and by DNA I am a maker, not a manager. But as Go-To continues to grow, the decisions get bigger, and more critical, and more stressful, and very quickly the business shit completely swallows the creative stuff. I am at peace with this now, I understand that it’s a privilege and a by-product of success, but I will always make sure that, A) I trust my gut, and B) I have people around me I respect and trust to help me navigate through these stages.

Given that you work at Go-To, you should know all the unwritten beauty rules (and follow them too!). But tell us, are you hiding behind any skincare sins?

When it comes to makeup, hair, fashion, food, life, I do whatever TikTok tells me to like everybody else. But I do not trust my skin to strangers on the Internet. I rely on my experience, my skin, Go-To (obvs) and a handful of trusted skin professionals to help me when I turn to high-strengths or in-clinic treatments.