Women We Go To: Meet Alex!

Women We Go To: Meet Alex!

The many female faces behind Go-To are goddam great at what they do, keeping the peach cogs turning across formulations, finance, marketing, customer service, so YOU can have happy, healthy skin. So! It’s high time you got a chance to properly meet a few…

In between very regular updates on what (mini lop bunny) Banjo has done to the house, backed up by “you won’t believe this customer…” spiels (always positive, we promise!), Community Manager Alex is keeping her team in line with a mix of life/industry experience and donut bribery. 

What’s one piece of advice you’d give your future self? 

Keep knowing your worth and stay aligned with your values. 

How does it make you feel working for/with a predominantly female company like Go-To?

I love it! It’s such a supportive environment and a breath of fresh air compared to previous places I’ve worked. Women rock, and I get to surround myself with some of the best every day. 

What’s one moment in life, or work, where you felt proud of yourself? 

In (roughly) 2013 I taught myself ‘the cup song’ from Pitch Perfect; I’m still proud to this day. And yes, if you provide a plastic cup, I will play it for you. 

There’s nothing worse than hitting the Go-To lolly jar at 3pm to find there’s only musk sticks left. Can you talk us through another life event that required a bit of gusto to get through?

Well first of all, I love musk sticks so I’d be taking those. But, by far the biggest thing I’ve had to overcome in my life has been getting diagnosed with a very rare cancer at age 30, and going through the next few years of surgeries, treatment, and recovery (physically, mentally and emotionally). It was an extremely difficult and uncertain time; and something that’s left me without 7 organs and put me into early menopause, so I don’t mean it lightly when I say this diagnosis changed my life, and my future! 

Despite this, I feel really grateful with my outcome so far; I had (and still have) an amazing network of family and friends supporting me through, fantastic doctors, and I’m now able to manage symptoms of discomfort relatively well. (And the musk sticks help too, of course.)   

Given that you work at Go-To, you should know all the unwritten beauty rules (and follow them too!). But tell us, are you hiding behind any skincare sins?

Gah…yes. I don’t always remove my SPF at night. As in, hardly ever. I knowwww, terrible.