I Finally Got My Partner To Commit To Skincare, Here’s How

I Finally Got My Partner To Commit To Skincare, Here’s How

I no longer have to plead with my partner to do something that I think is simple, and other people think is a chore (how dare they). For years, I’ve been sneaking skincare into Christmas, birthday, anniversary and even Valentine’s Day gifts. I’d be excited and he would slightly crinkle his nose, but give me a kiss and a ‘thank you’ because, ultimately, he’s a good man. Then, I’d get angry and hurt when the products would sit inside our vanity, untouched and unused. 

But really, the problem sat with me. I was being pushy, not placing a focus on education and buying someone a gift they didn’t really give a hoot about. Was I wrong? Perhaps, but it’s not something I care to admit.

Instead, I took a new approach. And you know what? It flipping worked! So, I want to be generous with all you fellow skincare-pushers and give you my now successful tricks of the trade.

Have A Conversation

I waited until he was in a cheerful, open minded mood (timing is everything folks), and talked about the importance and longevity of using skincare and daily SPF. He agreed, accepted it was important, and explained why he found it a chore: he already had to shower and brush his teeth, why should he have to do something else?

Call It Something Other Than Skincare

I explained that this didn’t have to be a chore. In fact, doing my routine is my favourite part of the day. Put your phone away, massage your face, use it as a moment to ground yourself. Be gentle, and find joy in the sensory of it all. Heck, label it as self-care if that’s your jam.

Keep It Simple

Cleanser, face oil, moisturiser/SPF. Truly, it doesn’t have to be fancy when you’re just making a start. The Bro-To The Full Face kit ticked all these boxes and bonus point: he loves the scent. 

After settling into that routine, I let him steal some of my other products (retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c etc), and he didn’t get that deathly commitment-fear. Instead, he loved the results and started buying his own. Who’s the sucker now?