A Moisture-Boosting Skin Routine To Defeat Dryness

A Moisture-Boosting Skin Routine To Defeat Dryness

On The Go invites clever, fun, delightful members of our Go-To community to take us with them on their daily routine, sharing their go-to tips, products, and favourite chewing gum flavour as they go. Today, we’re on the go with the ultra talented Milo Hartill.

The Life Stuff

“Hey! I am Milo Hartill and I am a fat black queer woman coming to you from Wurundjeri land of the Kulin nations, working as a model, actor, performer, queer club host, BLM and body acceptance activist as well as studying my third year in my BFA of musical theatre at the Victorian College of the Arts. I like to dabble in a bit of makeup artistry and all round debauchery too. Fun fact: I had a TikTok go viral of me doing an impression of Jessie J!

At the moment, my day begins with zoom rehearsals for Cyrano at Melbourne Theatre Co, then I go into classes for my uni degree, try and get in a walk/ some form of movement (maybe in the form of a boogie or a dance class), then get done any model work/content creation/self tapes! Then a cheeky glass of wine and apse with the housemates! If we weren’t in a lockdown it would be pretty similar, except evenings I would be performing Cyrano, or at the clubs hosting or doing spot numbers on Smith Street/ Poof Melbourne! Occasionally a shoot or 2 would be in the daytime!

I really love a boogie in the shower and really throughout my whole day, gives me a lot of energy to keep going! I also like to read when I have time, at the moment I am reading Bernadine Evaristos Girl, Woman, Other. Recently I read Fun Home, after seeing the musical at Sydney Theatre Company!

As for the things I take with me everywhere I go? My asthma puffer and my epipen, boring start I know but I want to be #stayingalive. My phone (obviously), earphones, Fluff Lip Oil, my laptop, my script, a bottle of water, antihistamine and my glasses cleaner!

If you’re new to Melbourne, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is A MUST! I love going whenever I have time! Also: Get out and see as much live theatre and performances as you can. I am personally a big fan of Rainbow House Club for their drag and performers. Also get ya butts out to Brighton Bathing Boxes!”

The Beauty Stuff

“[My skin type is] dry! I’m always moisturising, it’s important for me especially with modelling, but doing this without being too oily and shiny is one of my main concerns when picking my products.

KISS (keep it simple stupid) is my attitude to most things, and it’s no different for skin care. If I’ve got a bit of spare shower time I’ll spice it up, but otherwise, I like a simple cleanse, exfoliate and some moisturiser/oil for the body and the face. When [beauty routines] get too complicated it makes me not want to do it and my son usually begins a rebellion.

I will start my beauty routine in the shower. I will cleanse, switching between Go-To Properly Clean or Frank Body Extra Clean Face Wash. Then I’ll exfoliate, sometimes using the Go-To Exfoliating Swipeys or Body Shop Drops Of Youth (don’t use this super often!) I will then alternate between face oil, moisturiser, retinol and hyaluronic acid serums. Some products I use are Go-To’s Face Hero, Frank Body’s new range of face serums, MECCA or Go-To Zincredible SPF 15.

I don’t typically wear makeup, but if I am, my top trick for getting it to stay all day is setting spray. It’s a must! I use Morphe Continuous Setting Mist to get my makeup to stay in place.”