How To Raise The Bar(re) On Your Morning Routine, With Sophie Fisher

How To Raise The Bar(re) On Your Morning Routine, With Sophie Fisher

There are probably 1,001 (now 1,002) blog posts on the internet serving up inspiration on how to create the perfect morning routine. But! There isn't a one size fits all approach to owning the AM, which is why it can be so refreshing to flick through a few and help build your own. 

Creating really healthy and nourishing routines is what makes us feel grounded in each day, and we couldn't think of anyone more equipped to share some tips than Sophie Fisher, behind the mouth watering recipe hub @coconutandbliss and at-home workouts page @burnandbliss

Rumour has it you lead a pretty busy life, tell us/make us feel bad about what time your alarm goes off each morning.

My morning routine can really vary but the alarm goes off at 5am around three times a week - I’ll then head straight to the studio to teach either barre or pilates. If I have the morning off teaching, I’ll give myself a mini sleep in (until 6 or 6.30am) and either head to a class myself or go on a walk. I work in digital marketing, plus teach pilates and run Coconut and Bliss so I love getting up early to make my mornings as productive as possible!

What are some must-do rituals that get you ready for the day?

Every day when I wake up, I say to myself ‘today is going to be a good day’. This is something I learned from my fave celebrity doctor, Dr Amen. It sounds so simple (and almost silly before you’ve tried it) but I find it really helps me to shift into an abundance mindset and focus on the positives of my day ahead, particularly if I’m feeling overwhelmed or a little flat. I use it as an opportunity to think about everything I’m grateful for and excited about happening in the near future. 

I always incorporate some kind of movement in my morning too. Whether this be a walk, pilates or even a 5-10 minute at-home workout if I’m running short on time - just something to get the blood pumping! Part of my morning ritual is also my decaf coffee. While caffeine doesn’t work for me personally, I still love the taste of coffee and look forward to the ritual of having a cappuccino every morning.

Can you run us through your current morning skincare routine?

I start by giving my skin a cleanse with cold water - I normally use Properly Clean for this. Then, a spritz of face mist followed by my Much Brighter Serum (I’m prone to scarring and pigmentation so I find this product incredible for reducing the the appearance of this.) A non-negotiable for me is SPF before I leave the house. I'm currently using Nifty Fifty daily because I find it doesn't clog my pores being such a lightweight formula.  

How does your skincare routine change based on what you have on that day?

If I’m working out or teaching a class, I opt for lighter products and avoid thick moisturisers so my skin can breathe (particularly if I sweat). If I’m going into the office or straight to brunch, I’ll wear some natural makeup after I’ve done my skincare, usually some concealer under my eyes, benetint, eyebrow gel, mascara and a little bit of bronzer. 

One tricks I’ve very recently learned is to add a few drops of Face Hero into my foundation. It makes it appear way less cakey and gives such a dewy glow - obsessed!

Say we forgot to book into barre class…are there any 60 second moves we can perform at home while letting each layer of our routine really sink into the skin?

Absolutely! Lately, I’ve been trying to fire up my triceps when I have a spare minute. I either do this at the kitchen bench with my body in a full plank (when waiting for my porridge in the microwave!) or else on all fours - wrap your elbows in towards your ribcage and try to bend them towards the ground before pushing all the way back up. 

Alternatively, squats are always a great one - stick with those juicy pulses for an extra burn!

What’s your go-to piece of advice for making the most of each morning?

Go to bed early and get up early so you can do something that makes you feel good before starting your day. Easier said than done, I know!

There’s no better feeling than getting to work when you’ve gone for an ocean swim, done a walk or listened to a podcast - it’s invigorating and will give you the energy to push forward with your day.  

If anything is going to get us out of bed, it’s a delicious breaky; can you share a quick recipe or current obsession of yours?

I’m obsessed with this 3-ingredient mango smoothie. It’s so refreshing. I love making it into a smoothie bowl and adding toppings for some crunch.