How To Prevent A Dry Winter Scalp

How To Prevent A Dry Winter Scalp

We can’t all be blessed with a healthy and nourished scalp through every season. A head free from itch and flake for the full 365 days of the year is not for everyone. 

Come winter, your noggin might need some extra TLC. Just like it does to the skin on our faces, the cooler weather can zap moisture from the skin on our scalp too. And we often forget to pay attention to this part of the body. 

Before I share a few preventative measures, let’s quickly categorise those ‘snowflakes’ you’re frantically flicking off the shoulder of your cashmere sweater. Dry scalp and its cousin dandruff might present in the exact same way, but they actually occur for very different reasons: a dry scalp is strictly moisture related, the skin gets irritated and then flakes off, whereas the cause of dandruff is excess oil leading to skin cell build up, and therefore increased shedding. 

Here are five quick tips to saving a dry scalp. (Anything more serious, like eczema or rosacea, it’s best to consult your GP for further advice on tailored treatments.)

Turn your shower temp down a notch. 

The cooler the temp the more likely your head is to behave. Cold water helps the scalp retain moisture. It closes and strengthens the hair cuticle to keep moisture in the skin, and helps to lock hydration into the strands themselves too. 

Be more vigilant with product ingredients. 

Try to steer clear of shampoo and conditioner that contain harsh ingredients like sulfates, parabens, alcohol, and synthetic fragrances. This is only going to increase the potential for irritation and inflammation. Look for products with really regenerative ingredients like omega 3, fatty acids, and keratin. 

Cut back on styling products. 

Product build up (think, gels, waxes, mousse, dry shampoo) can strip the scalp and hair of moisture when overused, and not properly or thoroughly removed. 

Incorporate hair masks into your routine.  

With higher levels of hydration compared to your regular shampoo and conditioner, a hair and scalp mask will boost moisture, restore shine, and keep itching and flaking at bay. Try incorporating a natural mask during your next Everything Shower. 

Brush, and brush again. 

Feels like a no brainer, but whilst detangling and taming, brushing your hair is also massaging and exfoliating the scalp to remove any dead skin. 

One healthy, confident head coming right up.